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Blast from the Past

I was born into a military family. A blessing I cannot thank God enough for. My father gave me a legacy of boldness, confidence and vast travels and I inherited grace, humility and aesthetics from my mother. A beautiful and well-bred childhood and youth saw me grow into a hardworking intelligent professional…. A product of Destiny and my own will I qualified to take up new careers oriented around people and creativity be it an Aesthetician, an Interior designer, a trained teacher or a Voice & Accent trainer. I was a very successful entrepreneur.

Then it all Changed

Life was good…. There was work, success, wealth, travel and of course two caring families. And then I came across the advertisement in the newspaper, It was my first encounter with ICBI and I had a strong, uncanny feeling that told me I was at the right place among the right people…..As if the Universe was conspiring to get me onto a new journey of new found identity….. Keeping my promise intact that I would always be my own BOSS and every dot of my previous careers seemed to connect the right way.

Conquering New Horizons

ICBI threw open in front of me a whole new world of knowledge about fashion, about the power of clothes, about etiquette and good grooming and about the soft skills that are so quintessential for an effective presence in every sphere of human interactions. I am also a certified NLP practitioner, and a Life Coach and a Marriage counsellor. Image consulting has also shaped my passion for writing and am a regular columnist with the Chandigarh Tribune as an Etiquette Coach.

Being an Image consultant is a coveted role I feel blessed to have come my way, a relationship of trust between my clients and me, which I must honestly nurture. The opportunities are seamless, and the horizons are endless. My extensive repertoire of clientele is proof enough of my earnest quest to better my skills and earn success.

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

In my career life spanning nearly three decades I have felt rich and financially independent, however there are moments so gratifying that money does not matter! The wife of a successful lawyer came to me for an image makeover …the transformation was unbelievable and when she learned that I am also an interior designer, she asked me to do an image makeover for her home as well! An IIT graduate and founder of a successful start up was a little dejected that despite his success, he could not manage to get married. His image makeover was miraculous. A few months later he announced his wedding. He has trusted me to do the image makeovers of his bride-to-be, his parents and also the decor of the wedding venue! There comes a time in life when you want to feel rich, you just have to count the wonderful things money can’t buy!

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