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NLP Skills in Training


In this program, you will learn to recognize the deeper patterns of a group and individual, understand everyone’s unique learning styles and mould your delivery in a way that brings maximum results for their learning outcomes.

Through a comprehensive curriculum focusing on understanding human communication, leveraging NLP models, and mastering influential language patterns, participants will gain the tools to create a positive, impactful, and transformative training environment.


  1. Understanding Human Communication & Learning Styles:
    • Explore the core of human communication.
    • Identify diverse learning styles for more effective facilitation.
  2. NLP Models for Creating a Positive Environment:
    • Recognize deeper patterns using NLP models.
    • Foster a positive environment by understanding participant perspectives.
  3. Influence and Change through NLP Models:
    • Develop flexible communication strategies for impactful training.
    • Learn influential NLP models to effectuate change in participants.
  4. Clean and Influential Language Patterns:
    • Master language patterns to enhance facilitation flexibility.
  5. Creating Unconscious Impact and Meta-Outcomes:
    • Cultivate unconscious impact within participants.
    • Enable meta-outcomes for the training session.
  6. Logical Levels of Change:
    • Identify and create change at the levels of beliefs, values, identity, and purpose.
    • Facilitate sustainable transformation and support coaching efforts.
  7. The Art of Framing and Reframing:
    • Gain expertise in framing, reframing, and holding frames for effective facilitation leadership.

Program Structure:

Module 1

Understanding Human Communication & Learning Styles

Module 2

NLP Models for Creating Positive Environments

Module 3

Influence and Change through NLP Techniques

Module 4

Mastering Clean Language Patterns

Who Should Attend:

Experienced trainers/facilitators seeking advanced techniques.

Professionals interested in enhancing their communication skills.

Coaches and trainers looking to incorporate NLP strategies in their profession.

Program Benefits:

Enhanced Facilitation Skills: Elevate your ability to facilitate more effectively.

Transformative Communication: Learn to communicate for impactful change.

Tools for Coaching: Apply learned techniques in coaching sessions.

Program Schedule

4 online live sessions of 4 hours each and 2 online live practice & assessment sessions of 2 hours each.


21, 22, 23, 24
4 hours each on Zoom
7pm to 11pm


27, 29 - Practice & Assessment
2 hours each on Zoom
7pm to 9pm

Program Fee

Regular Fees ICBI Student/IMPA Member Fees
Rs.16,999 + GST Rs.14,999 + GST
Early Bird Offer Available Early Bird Offer Available

About the Trainer

Nishith Shah, Founder of Thought Labs & Global NLP Summit, has been developing the field of NLP for more than 17 years.

He is an NLP Mastery Trainer – one of the only 36 recognized NLP Master Trainers in the world. He is also an International Ambassador for ANLP in India.

He has helped more than 10000 people across 25 different countries through his unique experiential programs – both online and through retreats at Goa, Himalayas, Dubai, Thailand, UK & Switzerland.

Most of Nishith’s work is grounded in Modelling where he has spent more than 7 years of his life modelling & living with the monks in the Himalayas & Thailand, Base Jumpers in Switzerland, The Indigenous tribes of Brazil and Adventure Enthusiast from Argentina.

Through his experiences of modelling, he has designed unique learning systems to design innovative programs/retreats that are designed to help you learn and integrate NLP into your personal and professional life to achieve specific and measurable results.

These systems have helped leaders and coaches from around the world to successfully integrate NLP into their work to grow exponentially and produce massive results.

He has also built the first Global NLP Platform that is designed to support, provide resources and bring collaboration in the field of NLP.

He also actively works with start-ups and organizations like Tally, Bosch, HP, Wockhardt and over 50 more to transform the way they accomplish results by building a winning culture through purpose, courage and leadership.

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