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6 Signs Showing You are Ready for Self-Employment

  • You cannot see yourself working 9 to 9, six days of the week
  • You want to be your own boss and control your work-life
  • You want to create your own work-schedule and lead a wok life of flexibility and balance
  • You enjoy variety
  • You don’t want to help others build their dreams; you’d rather build on yours
  • You continuously question your life purpose and you now want more than just a paycheck from your career

Break Away. Live Your Dreams. Become Your Own Boss.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 4 out of 10 young people are choosing self-employment over regular full time jobs!

You belong to exciting times. You live in connected India. You value choices. You value work-life balance. You challenge stereotypes. You believe in adding life to your years more than adding years to your life!
After all, for You, a career has to be more than just a pay-check. You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself!

You would rather live a life of freedom than live others’ agendas, feel burnt out and stressed with their hectic schedule!

It’s time that you listened to your Inner Voice and followed your intuition! You owe yourself a better life!

Benaisha Kharas

- Certified Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer

“I love what I do, and the reward of changing people’s life is priceless. It’s been seven years and there has been no looking back ever-since :). Nothing can be more exciting than meeting new people, helping them with their image related issues and finally providing them with solutions that not only make them happy but successful too. I sometimes laugh in my head and I ask myself …. “Am I an Image Consultant or an Image Doctor?”

Are you ready to follow your passion and create a true impact?

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Factors You Should Consider While Evaluating Alternate Options

Hobbies, Interests & Passion

Align your career with your hobbies, interests and passion to earn a living doing what you love.

Personal Strengths

Make a safe career choice by opting for something which builds on your personal strengths.

Home Based & Self Dependent

Look for options that are home based and self-dependent as cost of office space and employees is prohibitive.

Earning Potential & ROI

Search for an option that has the potential to generate earnings based on your effort & value created; and not on conventional appraisals and tenure of service.

Respect and Credibility

Look for a career that has credibility and respect – a payoff that every professional seeks but achieves only after they attain a certain designation and seniority

Risk Tolerance & Taking Advantage of Opportunity

Rewards rarely come without risk. Your ability to take advantage of an opportunity will depend, in part, on your tolerance for risk. Choose an option such that you can afford the risk, financially and emotionally.

“At the age of 26, I became the founder and director of my own company – Diya Asrani Image Consulting.
I am an Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist and I have conducted one on one consulting and group
training with several individuals and companies. I believe that each one of us creates a story every day – a story
of our existence and I create mine by helping people change their lives.”

- Diya Asrani

3 reasons why becoming a certified Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer is a great option for YOU

  • Safe

    ICBI offers programs in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training with world class training, certifications in accreditations from institutions of national and international repute, and complete business enablement support. ICBI makes your journey to start and successfully operate your consulting and training practice safer by training you on how to market yourself, providing you with readymade consulting and training material, creating visibility for you through a directory listing for Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainer on its website, offering you eligibility to train for ICBI and execute consulting and training orders received by ICBI subject to performance feedback and through ongoing mentoring and handholding support.

  • Lucrative

    In today’s competitive world, everyone is realizing the need to manage their Image in terms of clothing, grooming, body language and etiquette in order to get more opportunities in life. At the same time acquiring soft skills have become essential for greater success in every walk of life. This makes the profession of Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training a lucrative profession and if one builds the right skills coupled with credible certifications, people will be more than happy to pay for it.

  • Respectful

    Teaching and training are one of the most respectful professions in the world. As a certified Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer, you will have an identity that people will look up to. You will be able to help thousands of people to change their lives for greater success by guiding and training them to look, feel and perform better. The gratitude and respect that you will get from your clients, no pay cheque can compete with that.

Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training is a recession proof profession. 

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Your Personality + Your Passion + ICBI Certification= Winning Combination

Image Consulting and Soft Skills training is an umbrella profession. Learning and development have become a priority sector for government, private companies, institutions and for just about everyone else. To be successful, all that matters is your ability to create value for your clients! Age, Experience, Gender is no bar! Your skill is your trump card!Your leverage is

  • There is a compelling need for training and intervention felt at colleges, to prepare their students for campus recruitments. This work is largely outsourced to competent self-employed professionals
  • Schools are becoming pro-active in introducing behavioral skills for their students as a life skill
  • To provide styling, wardrobe management and personal shopping services to those who are losing out on opportunities in life because of poor image projection and low self esteem
  • Gradually work your way up the corporate ladder as you build skill expertise

“My journey as an Image Consultant has been wonderful. I cherish not only the changes I have experienced in myself, but also that I am able to change other’s lives for the better, which is a gratifying experience. I started at 21 and soon started taking sessions at various places as an Image Consultant.”

- Khushboo Patwa

Youth Form a formidable force of ICBI’s Learner Base!

Our youth brigade of Image Consultants and Soft Skills trainers are scripting success for vice presidents and senior leaders, enabling school and college students and staff, corporates and small and medium business owners to project an image commensurate with their life goals; and build them with a personality and competitiveness for winning first and everlasting impressions!

An Opportunity Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Business Programs in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training offered by ICBI are designed for people making a transition from a Campus to Career

No Qualification Prerequisites

Weekend batches to complete the course and certification alongside your college or stop-gap job

Practice by applying your skills learnt on your friends and family in the form of pro bono work

Take the plunge and start your independent practice when you feel you are ready

ICBI Offers an Opportunity to Earn a Living Doing What You Love 

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