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What is Train the Trainer Program?

Learning at the Train the trainer program

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, training is essential for consistent development and relevance. Therefore, workplace training programs are critical in every industry.
The Train the Trainer Program allows for internal training in workplaces by enabling employees, who are subject matter experts, to teach colleagues.

What is the Train the Trainer Model?

The Train the Trainer (TTT) model enables internal employees, who may be subject matter experts, to become a trainer and teach new skills to others in the organisation.
Professionals under Train the Trainer program are given formal training consisting of both training-specific content as well as content on how to train other employees.
For example, if a subject matter expert trainer conducts in-organisation training on client handling and other skill training, the training participants can further train their colleagues on the same. This approach enables consistent growth and learning.

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Objectives of Train the Trainer Model

The main objective of the TTT model is to train participants so they efficiently conduct training sessions. The training prepares instructors to:

  • Lead activities like brainstorming, role plays, process checks, etc. to ensure effective learning.
  • Help participants use training in the real-world, i.e., in their jobs.
  • Promote learner engagement, skill acquisition, critical thinking, and reflective practice.
  • Intervene in disruptive situations and address different learner behaviors.

The training also focuses on the importance of making eye contact, using gestures, speaking clearly, maintaining a positive attitude, and dispelling confusion among trainees.

Why Train the Trainer is Important?

There are many benefits of the Train the Trainer program. Here are a few:

1. Critical Training Skills

Whether you’re a trainer or a senior professional, the TTT courses are required to share your knowledge with your colleagues based on a definite structure. Moreover, the Train the Trainer program trains you on critical training skills like eye contact, body language, attitude, etc. All of these ensure effective delivery and learning.

2. Confidence Building

A successful trainer without confidence doesn’t exist. You must be confident with your delivery, training material, and overall training to be a good trainer. The Train the Trainer program helps you build confidence to address large groups of people and share your skills. Moreover, it helps you build confidence in your ability to train.

3. Feedback and Advice from Experienced Trainers

ToT programs are conducted by experienced trainers who offer you feedback on every aspect of training. From body language to speech delivery, skilled trainers identify the gap that you must fill and enable you to become the best version of yourselves. They also offer constructive feedback after each session so that you can work on the issues in real-time.

4. Ability to Respond to Unexpected Situations

The Train the Trainer certification isn’t only important for learning training skills; it also helps you learn different approaches for addressing situations that may be unexpected or even unpleasant. This skill also comes in handy when you’re dealing with superiors and clients. Basically, the ToT program helps you become more present and respond to everything with grace and knowledge.

5. Certification to Back Up Your Skills

In addition to training skills, you also get a Train the Trainer certification that can help you advance your training career. For example, ICBI’s ToT program is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET), which is an internationally recognised certification. Something like this can instantly take your profile and credibility several notches higher.The importance of the ToT model is unprecedented. Companies are investing heavily in the training of their employees and building leaders of tomorrow. What’s even better is that you can get globally recognised Train the Trainer certification in India itself.

ICBI offers a world-class Train the Trainer curriculum with certification accredited by NABET. It helps you learn the most important skills necessary in the corporate world that may also help you tremendously in all walks of life. ICBI’s Train The Trainer content is included as a part of the Soft Skills Training course which is accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), recognized all over the world. And once you have become a certified soft skills trainer, you also get business enablement support so that you can kick-start your journey as a trainer.

So, if you’re looking to become a certified soft skills trainer, reach out to our professionals and understand what the TTT program can do for you.

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