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Too old to be an Image Consultant? Well…Think about it

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Who is your worst enemy?

Is Society the enemy that puts undue pressure on you to perform?

Or are personal insufferable circumstances the way to a certainly doomed future?

Wrong on both counts. Everyone has one common enemy in this world.

That enemy is the self.

If you understood the power of your thoughts and how devastating or helpful they could be, you’d know you could not afford a single negative thought.

‘Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you’re right’ – Henry Ford.

Ford had a firm grasp of reality. He understood that everyone could change the course of their lives – But, not everyone believes in themselves.

The question is: What are you doing to change your reality?

Image Consulting – Does age matter?

Throughout their youth, people restrict themselves with self limiting beliefs about themselves. They’re too young, too inexperienced, too short, too fat, too simple, too stupid – Basically lesser qualified to do something better than the next person.

Then there’s age – One of the biggest reasons why women don’t opt for image consulting as a career option.

Nothing however, has been further from the truth and here’s why:

1)    Experience

When women are confronted with the notion of age, they’re of the opinion that the younger generation has an energy they cannot match up to. They often forget that while younger professionals can bring passion to the table, they have a world of experience and an unparalleled understanding and maturity unlike the youth.

2)    Strengths

When you have age on your side, you are more aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a professional.

3)    Motivation 

You have a greater level of motivation considering you have more than one co-dependant and you won’t back down in the face of a real challenge.

4)    Respect

If groomed correctly, an elder Image Consultant garners a greater amount of respect giving them additional credibility as a professional.

Image Consulting is a profession that has its own unique sets of challenges and does not fail to surprise. It is an ideal career option for anyone looking to start out even at an older age considering it is not age intensive at all.

In fact, we at the Image Consulting Business Institute encourage professionals from all walks of life and of all ages and motivations to opt for Image Consulting as a legitimate career option.

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