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The Need of Soft Skills Training in the IT Industry

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The IT industry is associated with continuous change, and if the technical abilities of the employees aren’t aligned with necessary soft skills, robots may replace them soon. A strong set of soft skills not only makes IT professionals more desirable by their employers but is also critical when moving up the hierarchical ladder. However, according to a LinkedIn and Capgemini joint research report, nearly 60% of employers say that their organisation lacks soft skills.

The ever-increasing demand for soft skills has expanded the scope of soft skills trainers in the IT industry. They have become the most important assets of the organisations since they can instil these skills in employees who are technically sound but socially infirm.

Read on to find out why soft skills training for IT professionals is of paramount importance to the employers in the IT organisations.

Communication Skills

According to the Job Seeker Insight, 2017, the most sought-after skill in the IT industry is the ability to communicate effectively. This is because IT experts are now expected to be ‘tech translators’ since internal stakeholders as well as the clients need to understand how technology, that the business relies upon, works. This bridges the gap between the business and the technological aspects of an organisation and also helps professionals establish trust.

Here’s what effective communication skills constitute of:

  • The ability to communicate – IT professionals must not only be able to come up with innovative ideas, but also put them across to their team, management and the stakeholders.
  • The ability to listen – IT experts must be able to listen to and comprehend the requirements of their clients. This helps them communicate the expectations to their team and work effectively while minimizing the scope of errors.

Leadership Skills

Leadership doesn’t come with the position and is one of the most important skills in the IT industry. Good leadership is important to create a positive and productive work environment which is critical to increasing employee engagement and motivation. Since the IT industry runs on the power of collaboration and teamwork, it is important that all the team members are not only technically adept but are also good leaders. Here are a few leadership skills that are important for great workplace relationships, and hence, improved efficiency:

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Relationship Building
  • Confidence
  • Time Management
  • Transparent Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Flexibility

Organisation Skills

Whenever a project is promised to a client, the business needs to set realistic expectations regarding the delivery, budget, and quality of the project. With good organisation skills, businesses can avoid costly mistakes by balancing the tasks most effectively. This not only saves time but also gives clients the confidence that their project is being executed by responsible professionals.

Here’s why organisation skills are one of the most important soft skills for IT professionals:

  • They help in effective planning which reduces the risk of failure.
  • They help in setting the right budget which is communicated to the client beforehand.
  • They allow you to ensure timely delivery by proper calculation of risks.


Information Technology is all about innovation and getting ahead. And this makes creativity one of the most important IT industry skills. It is critical to developing unique solutions to the potential risks and issues, both technical and non-technical.

Here are a few skills employers look to instill in their employees:

  • Forward-thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Strategic thinking
  • Open-mindedness
  • Analytical skills

The need for all these soft skills in the IT industry has created a huge market potential for soft skills trainers. So, if you’re passionate about training and mentoring and are looking to up these soft skills to offer professional coaching in IT and other industries, know more about ICBI’s business soft skills programs.

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