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The Life and Times of an Image Consultant

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Many image consultants have graduated from ICBI’s Image Management programmes. The success of a programme lies in the success of its alumni. We are happy to see that the alumni image consultants from the image management programmes have carved special niches for themselves.

Our alumni are undertaking exciting work and widening the range and scope of the image consulting industry. In the process, they are being noticed by the media and the public for their work, for the scope of the image management industry and the benefits it offers.

They have gone beyond the adult population, offering their services to young adults. They have grabbed media attention by undertaking roles as consultants on TV shows. They have entered expanding industries like real estate. They have also conducted workshops for professionals in related industries. We offer a brief view of their range of work.

Consultants to Companies

If you thought it is the new age industries that seek training and consulting in image management, you would be limiting your audience to a fraction of the market. Many of our alumni have established themselves as consultants to companies within a range of new age and traditional industries. They have conducted image management workshops in electrical, real estate, PVC, computer storage devices companies, national courier companies and many more. They have conducted workshops in MNCs, Indian conglomerates, private sector as well as the public sector companies.

These workshops have been conducted for senior executives, managers as well as women executives. The workshops encompassed the communication of clothes, grooming & personal hygiene, business etiquette, body language, verbal & vocal communication and presentation skills as well as stress management. Some have even helped CEOs write their speeches.

Consultants on TV Shows & Beauty Contests

Indian media is rapidly expanding in scope, offering a variety of shows based on viewer interest. Some of our alumni have done exciting work offering their consulting services to TV shows. The scope of such services can encompass any of the elements of image management – clothing, grooming, body language including etiquette and vocal communication. Interesting work has been undertaken in the clothing, grooming and the body language of contestants in beauty pageants too.

Etiquette Training

The general public today, has great awareness of the need for etiquette training. That our alumni are undertaking etiquette training for adults goes without saying. But parents’ desire to see their children trained in etiquette coupled with schools’ readiness to offer such training through consultants has resulted in etiquette training workshops for schools. In fact, many academic institutions offer image management and soft skills to their students, offering a range of employment and consulting opportunities to image consultants.

Vocational Institutes

Vocational institutions are emerging to provide much needed practical training, helping students pursue their interests and find their niche in the market place. While our own image management programmes are a case in example, there are many others doing great work in the areas of jewellery design, cookery courses, baking courses and many more. Image consultants offer the perfect complementary workshops and sessions as part of these courses, helping students put their best foot forward in the market place.

Personal Shopping for HNIs

Our alumni have also found a niche as personal shoppers for high networth individuals. This is a lucrative and ongoing market given the high number of such individuals in India today. Clients seeking the consultant’s services can range from celebrities and their families to senior executives and other wealthy individuals. With an understanding of clients, their personal, business and social environment, our image consultants provide personal shopping services suited to each of these individuals.

Our alumni have gone beyond the learning they had gained at the institute, by putting the learning to practice. What we have listed here is just a snap shot of the exciting work that they have undertaken in the past. Even as we post this article, much is happening on this front. Many more areas are waiting for image consultants to step into in various regions of the country.

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