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Signs It’s Time to Take Control and Be Your Own Boss

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Being able to work on your own timings, taking vacations when you want, choosing who you want to work with – all these are perks of being self-employed. While they may sound exciting, a person can only continue enjoying these perks if becoming their own boss is their true calling. If you have been torn between starting something of your own and continuing with your secure job, this 10-minute read could help you make a decision. I am discussing a few signs it’s time to be your own boss. Read very carefully. I hope that you will be able to make a decision or at least consider it seriously by the time you finish reading this article.

You’ve Been Dreaming About It Since Forever

You have mentioned about becoming your own boss several times among your friends and family. You’ve also researched business ideas but always convinced yourself that it’s risky and you’d be too crazy to leave everything and start something of your own. But the thought lingers on. If you think about it a lot, then it probably is your calling. To be your own boss, you will have to take risks; you will have to be a little crazy. So, take the plunge now.

9 to 5 Behind a Computer Screen Suffocates You

You are tired working monotonously in your corporate job, following instructions that most of the times do not make any sense to you. You are creative and inspired to do something huge that isn’t time-bound. You want to be the one on the deciding end and want more control over your life.

You are not Very Productive in Your Current Job

You work really hard because you are a competitive person, but your heart just isn’t in the work you do. You feel that you’re not using your talents, which is making you dissolve in the background. You are not enthusiastic, and you work only for pay cheques. If this continues, you will soon become under-confident, and that’s something you can’t afford.

You Stay Away from Office Politics

You are above the office politics and drama. You don’t care about what people think about you. You don’t get involved in gossip sessions about your boss. You reach the office, sit on your desk, and try to leave as soon as you complete your work. You are probably doing all this because you couldn’t care less about your professional life. You find comfort in things such as that book you have been wanting to read for a while or a YouTube channel where you can showcase your skills.

Your Job is Affecting Your Physical and Mental Health

You return home irritated every day. You lose your temper at the slightest sign of inconvenience. And all of this is degrading your physical health. You feel stressed, have frequent headaches and backaches, and get tired quickly. All of this will only get worse if you continue running away from your sole purpose.

You’re Earning Well but without Satisfaction

Your dream isn’t making a lot of money by any means. You dream of much bigger things; you want to make an impact and earn a reputation. Sometimes, your dreams may look irrelevant, considering the magnitude of things in your life currently. But that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish your goals. You may face failure initially, but you must have the courage to get back up and do what you’re meant to do.

You’re Obsessed with Self-Growth

You find yourself listening to educational podcasts and speeches by successful entrepreneurs whenever you get time. You are organized and do not like wasting a minute doing anything that doesn’t help you grow. You are always challenging yourself, be it at a new workout plan or cooking a new recipe. All these are traits of an entrepreneur.

People Keep Telling You That You’re Meant for It

Your friends and family, and even some entrepreneurs you may know, keep telling you to become self-employed. They have seen the potential in you that you might have failed to notice yourself. If people always tell you that you’re not made for a regular job and that you should do something of your own, know that you have got what it takes. You just need to be courageous to take a step forward.

Be Your Own Boss with ICBI

ICBI is the leading brand in image consulting and soft skills training space. It has helped many students, working professionals, and even homemakers perfect the art of styling, grooming, and image enhancement. And it is a perfect choice for people who want to set up their image consulting business and be their own boss. ICBI offers training on a world-class curriculum, internationally recognized certification, and business enablement support after the completion of course. Many ICBI-certified professionals today are successfully running their businesses and have a luxurious and happy life that they have always dreamed of. Image consulting is an ideal career choice for people who aim to make an impact and change lives. If you think you belong to this segment of people and want to earn a living by offering image enhancement support and soft skills training, enrol in ICBI’s reputed image consulting course today. Responsibilities or fear of failure may be holding you back, but you can’t emerge victorious until you take the leap of faith. Take control of your life and mould it your way. All the best!

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