Rashmi Ramachandran Conducted a "Virutal Session on Stress and Time Management" - ICBI

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Rashmi Ramachandran Conducted a “Virutal Session on Stress and Time Management”

Rashmi Ramachandran

Mumbai based Soft Skills Trainer, Rashmi Ramachandran, facilitated a 2 hour virtual session themed Stress and Time Management, engaging with 150-odd team members of HDFC’s Virtual Relationship Banking (Prime) vertical. There were 150-odd team members from across India for this session.

True leaders understand the value of constant learning for themselves and their teams. Mr. Sethi’s team was unbelievably enthusiastic during this session, and on a Friday evening! Their proactive participation just made me happier to deliver this session.

The participants responded to the live demos the most. This session also included easy techniques to reduce stress in the heat of the moment (going beyond methods like deep breathing), and how to manage urgent and important tasks with limited time.

The participants’ feedback at the end of the session was proof of our time well spent.

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