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Although anyone with a strong desire and commitment to help change people’s lives can become an image consultant with the right education, training, and mentoring, Cabin Crew and Hospitality Professionals have an edge in moving towards fulfilling their personal, professional, and financial goals in the career of image consulting. The reasons for the same are as follows.

Both these professions are all about providing and maintaining the highest standards in the service industry. People joining either of them as a fresher are subjected to rigorous training thereby infusing in them elements of discipline, self development, grooming, and people skills among other things so that the end result is highly efficient, proficient, and professional. Usually training in any airline and a star hotel comprises of the following.


One of the most important aspects of these professions is to be able to look and feel your best at all times including odd hours. New entrants in these fields are made to develop good aesthetic sense and they are given a completely new perspective on how to present themselves to their customers and even in their social situations. This gives them an insight into perceiving others also from the same angle as it is part of their duty to keep checking on grooming of their colleagues.


This being the main job description, they are trained extensively on providing excellent service and one of the most important aspects of this training is to be able to be organized and methodical at all times. This habit then becomes part of their lifestyle as it is totally internalized over a period of years. Each of these professionals deals with thousands of people in different situations and becomes quite an expert in reading body language signs and expressions.


Both these professions require people to be well versed in safety and first aid. Although it is more important in the life of a cabin crew, with various terrorist attacks and threats, even the hotels have now become very careful for safety. Any kind of emergency situation handling requires a lot of common sense besides presence of mind and efficiency. These people are trained extensively on handling such situations and are taken through various simulation exercises and mock drills.

As a result people who have worked as a cabin crew or hospitality professional are well disciplined, understand the importance of grooming, have experience in dealing with people, and understanding their non verbal communication and have a lot of common sense and presence of mind. These are some of the very traits required in becoming a successful image consultant and with the right direction, education, training, and support they have a very bright career ahead in the field.

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