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Image Consulting – A career of choice for women

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Guess which is the world’s largest service industry – Hospitality? Travel? Healthcare?

None of the above.

It’s the Industry of Homemakers. It is one of the most fulfilling industries and it has women at its helm. They are the consultants, managers, implementers, and CEOs of this omnipresent industry. Not one of us goes through life without coming under the wing of these homemakers or at least of a caretaker.

Now, this industry has a curious character which makes women just right to be an Image Consultant –women, who ‘man’ this industry, really and truly want the best for the people they provide service to. At the same time, their ability to multi-task helps them meet the multiple demands on their time and attention. These aspects are true for women who undertake work outside the home too. They juggle both – homemaking and their external work – making them stronger multi-taskers while retaining their natural inclination to nurture.

To go deeper, it is the skills and traits needed by a successful Image Consultant that make women just right for the domain. Here are a few.

Natural Sense of Style

Many skills can be acquired, but it takes a knack for the domain to acquire the fine skills that border on intuition. And it’s the powerful intuition and strong visual sense in women that help them dress to impress even without formal training. Moreover, women can deal with clothing and grooming elements successfully every day and bring out the best in themselves and others.

Image consulting courses help them enhance their natural flair for styling, clothing, grooming, etc. without them having to put extraordinary efforts. And this makes women the best fit for this profession.

Great Multitasking

According to advanced brain research by Neurobiologists, there are more than 100 biological differences between male and female brains. And when it comes to task orientation, women are great multitaskers and men gravitate towards focusing on a single task at a time. 

Since women tend to juggle different responsibilities including both household and professional, image consulting as a career can make their life easy. Here’s why:

  • Image Consultants can sign up for the projects depending on their nature and turnaround time. This allows women to juggle between professional and household responsibilities without having to compromise on anything. 
  • Image Consultants can choose to work from home which is a brilliant advantage for women who have kids to take care of. 
  • Image consulting doesn’t require you to work every day from 9 to 5 and is hence, perfect for women who are also homemakers.

Emotional Intelligence 

According to Simon Baron-Cohen, a renowned clinical psychologist, an extreme ‘female brain’ has high levels of emotional empathy. And since image consulting is a profession that needs you to understand others to help them better, women tend to do better in this career than most men. 

Here’s why emotional intelligence is critical for all image consultant jobs: 

  • It helps them understand their client and their insecurities. And knowing this helps Image Consultants clearly understand what aspect needs to be worked on and how. 
  • Emotional empathy allows Image Consultants to provide constructive feedback and guidance to their clients without hurting their sentiments.

Interpersonal Skills

Women are recognized for their organizational and interpersonal abilities, according to Bentley’s Preparedness Study. With these abilities comes the diplomacy required to convince clients about the right course of action. Hence, women are more successful in working with all kinds of people, either cooperating or sceptical.

Attention to Detail 

According to advanced brain research, women tend to use their senses to store information. This is why they have an eye for detail. 

Image consulting requires the ability to see the bigger picture while paying attention to the fine details because: 

  • It helps Image Consultants analyse their clients’ social environment which plays a major role in shaping personalities. 
  • It helps them add tiny but critical elements while grooming and styling their clients.

This is the reason it is an ideal career choice for women.

As Image Consultants, women make a huge difference in the lives of the many lucky people who reach out to them to bring about a positive image. They are in a position to extend their capacity to nurture and grow people far beyond their family.

If you’re ready to join the workforce and make a difference, know more about our Image Consulting Courses: 

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