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First Impressions, Last Impressions: Projecting a powerful image in the first few seconds can change your entire life

First impressions,lasting impressions book

First Impressions, Lasting Impressions is a comprehensive account of the science and art of creating positive first impressions. It offers insight into how people form their perceptions within the first few seconds of a meeting, along with practical guidelines to influence these perceptions so that positive lasting impressions are created. In doing so, the book helps people project a powerful image in the first few seconds that can change their lives.

“A cat may have 9 lives, but we get just one shot at creating positive first impressions,” says Rakesh Agarwal. “During our years of combined experience in the fields of lifestyle education, aviation and training industries, we gained in-depth knowledge into how people’s perceptions can be positively influenced by making changes to their dressing, grooming, etiquette, body language, verbal and vocal communication. The book is a concise account of all those years of firsthand experience.”

Interspersed with real life anecdotes of people who have faced this challenge, the book offers a structured, easy-to-follow path to creating positive first impressions and leading fulfilling lives.

“We took a practical approach with First Impressions, Lasting Impressions,” says Suman Agarwal. “Most people are not aware that their success depends on the critical first seconds – getting the coveted job, closing the large sale order, getting a second date, making friends, enjoying a thriving social life, making an impact on the public and much more. From teenagers to business executives and home makers, the book has a practical appeal.”

Offering insights into each aspect that influences positive first impressions, the book elaborates on how to project the inner self through the outer persona. It also offers guidance in correcting negative first impressions and closes with a helpful summary of situations people often face and of how to manage these situations.

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