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Organisational Challenges and Combating Them Through Corporate Training

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The rapidly changing market dynamics have changed the way organisations look at growth and success. To stay relevant, many businesses are addressing the major corporate challenges and have now shifted their primary focus from products or services to their biggest assets – the employees. The need to skill or up skill employees is most critical now since businesses are going global. And to meet the needs, organisations are actively investing in employee training or corporate training. Corporate training programs are designed to help organisations combat some common business challenges that deter their growth. Here are the most common corporate challenges and the reasons that lead to these challenges:

Handling the Change

Changes due to mergers, buy-outs, or technological advances in the workplace are inevitable, and being flexible to change is the only way to stay relevant. But these changes can leave the employees uncomfortable and anxious which shows in not just their behaviours but also their performances. And what’s directly impacted is the organisation’s growth.

Inadaptable Training Programs

To adapt to the change, businesses often put various training programs in place. However, due to generation gap in employees, millennials tend to adapt to the training program easily while the old-generation employees face difficulties doing so. This can directly lead to disagreements in the workplace, thereby affecting the overall productivity.

Unengaged Learners

According to the recent trends, organizations are setting aside a decent budget to ensure learning and development by either upskilling employees or improving their performance. However, the most common business problem in India is that the training programs fail to engage employees. Hence, employees feel that the training is a total waste of their time.

Inability to Develop Leaders

According to the Leadership Development Trends 2019 report by Mercer Mettl, 80% of Indian firms are facing a shortage of leadership talent. And while most of these organizations fail to create a team of effective leaders, those who do manage to create strong leaders face the risk of attrition. Most leadership and development professionals put in their best to imbibe leadership qualities in first-line employees, but they fail because the leadership goals aren’t aligned with the employees’ personal growth.

Poor Conflict Resolution

A Mettl study says that managers spend 40% of their time resolving conflicts that arise within the workplace. The data shows that conflicts at the workplace are a common issue. But imagine the multifold increase in productivity, both at the base level and the senior level, if employees and the managers both followed a well-rounded conflict resolution strategy created by influential leaders in the organisation.

Unsatisfied Employees

According to a TimesJobs survey, 8 in 10 employees are dissatisfied at their workplaces. While the result of the survey may be astonishing, it’s not a mystery that employees do not feel happy or satisfied at work because of the lack of engagement and efficient leaders. This is why most employees feel that quitting their jobs is easier compared to sharing their problems with the managers.

How can Corporate Training Help?

Corporate training can make a world of difference in your organization since it helps you achieve your business goals and overcome the business issues through its comprehensive modules, including how to identify these challenges and how to overcome them.

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Leadership and Influence

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Business Communication

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Persuasion Skills

  • Power Dressing

  • Goal-Setting, etc.

But what matters is aligning the training material and the training process with your organisational goals. At ICBI, corporate training modules are customized in a way that your organization’s goals are directly addressed, and the training challenges are effectively identified and how to overcome them. Moreover, certified Image consultants and Soft skills trainers at ICBI offer completely reliable corporate training solutions that help organisations leverage their employees’ enhanced talents.

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