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It is like a dream come true. I had just finished 12th. My father runs an artificial jewelry shop in Sadar Bazar in Delhi and I used to help him in his daily business. I was already advising everyone about jewelry that suits them. Also I loved guiding others on what suits them, what fits them better and how can they look better.

What next. I didn’t want to go through any other run over the mill courses that my friends were doing. Then one day I saw an article about Image Consulting. I love dressing. Even for school functions, exams when others were in their casuals, I used to dress up nice. And I felt that Image Consulting was meant for me.

After reading the article I joined the business program. Rest is history. Today I am 21 yrs old happy and prestigious Image Consultant. This is the best decision of my life. It has changed my life. Today I am able to advice people more logically and technically on their jewelry, makeup, dressing etc. I am also supporting my father to a great extent. His business has also grown with my help.

In fact I had joined a 4 years course in Pearl Academy. I left that to join Image Consulting. Today I am happy that I took the right decision. I help so many people in styling, make up, personal shopping, dressing as per body shape and accessorizing as per face shape. I find it overwhelming, when people come back and say how much difference I have brought to their life.

It was an amazing experience with ICBI and its trainers during my course. Unlike any other course, here at ICBI they go out of their way to ensure that we have assimilated the knowledge and the practical usage of it. The best thing is the mock sessions where we actually get to practice one on one Image Consultation.

I am very thankful to ICBI to have come up with such a unique venture and give opportunity to people as young as me. I relish, feel proud, earn, help others at this young age, where in I am still seeing my 12th friends pursuing some courses with no clear direction in life.

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