Fashion Retail Solutions offered by ICBI

Training of Floor Staff

ICBI offers training solutions for the floor staff in premium fashion and accessories stores in terms of guiding buyers on what to buy based on their roles, goals, occasions and personal characterises of body shape, face shape, personal colours. Up-selling skills through clustering also helps in achieve more sales, less refunds & exchanges and higher customer satisfaction.

Personal Shopping Services

ICBI offers personal shopping services by deputing Image Consultants in the store on specific days to guide the buyers on what to buy. The store can decide whether to offer this service to all the customers or to premium and loyal customers. Stores can also create various events around personal shopping and styling with the help of ICBI.

Customer Engagement

ICBI offers several customer engagement tools for customers of premium fashion and accessories retail. These services can either be in the store or in the form of the brand giving coupons to their customers to attend various workshops and training programs in Image Management and Soft Skills space offered by ICBI as a reward for their loyalty to the brand.

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