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Internship represents the capstone of academic training and induction into the profession. It will help strengthen your professional skills and interpersonal relationships in a professional setting.

ICBI offers internship to students of Professional Programs. These will be arranged by ICBI and will for 3 to 6 months depending upon the program that the student enrols in. The organizations providing internship opportunities will be largely in the premium fashion, media & entertainment, aviation and hospitality, HR/recruitment, Training etc. The roles could be of Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Soft Skills Trainer to name a few.

Some Specific Objectives of internship are:

Hone your learning; Convert knowledge into skill: One of the main objectives of an internship is to expose you to a particular job and a profession or industry. It helps you do a trial run of all principles learned in the classroom with the client understanding that you are still in a student mode. This reduces expectation, increases tolerance and catalyses mentoring at the organization’s end while for you it becomes a credible platform for implementation and assimilation of learning.

Building Competitive Advantage: Your internship adds kilogram weight to your resume giving you a competitive advantage and preferential access with potential employers.

Develop a Network: Your internship will help you develop business contacts that can help you find a job later, act as references or help you with projects after you’re hired somewhere else.

Get employed with complete visibility of work dynamics: If you like your internship, you have the opportunity to excel and possibly land a job with the company. Employers have an easier time hiring you because they get a feel of your work ethic, skills, creativity, ability to work with others and overall fitment within their company, while you get to ascertain whether this is the place you would like to get associated with for a longer duration of time.

After successful completion of internship ICBI will provide placement assistance for jobs in industries to similar of those providing internships.