Business Enablement Support

Business Enablement Support

ICBI offers a complete Business Enablement Support Package to students of Business Programs in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training. This package includes the following.

  • 5 days of business enablement training after certification
  • 1 day of business enablement training each month for the next 4 months
  • 1 day of business enablement training every two month for the next 8 months
  • Updated personal consultation and corporate training material
  • Listing in a specialized search for Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers
  • Lead Management System to track and market to leads
  • Ongoing comprehensive business coaching over phone and email

Business Enablement Training is a comprehensive Training Program, combined with one-on-one business counselling that creates a winning combination for those venturing into self employment, through experiential learning.

Some Specific Objectives of Business Enablement Training are:

Build Strategic Planning Skills: Create a blueprint for your business for the next year. Examine the growth stages of a business; Focus your efforts with a business plan; Prepare for the future of your business. A written business plan helps you control your business rather than letting it control you. Learn how to set goals and develop financial projections.

Target Marketing Skills: Learn to identify and research your target market; discover the size and the most effective way to market to this group. Develop your overall marketing strategy for business success. Determine the best methods of promoting your business; measure the success of your promotional efforts; develop a promotional budget; develop a promotional message that works for your business.

Receive ongoing Business and Sales Enablement Coaching: Explore real-world possibilities, Get answers to your tough questions from our experienced facilitators and instructors, use case studies, activities and readings to learn how others like you succeeded. Analyze a problem/situation; think critically and identify and define the requirements appropriate to its solution.

Cash Flow/Basic Business Records Management: Learn how to make the most of your cash flow. Discover what the “bottom line” should really mean to you.

Effective Business Communication: Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing and email to a variety of clients and markets by constructing an effective proposal and marketing/sales pitch. Use Win-Win negotiation to avoid deadlock.

Build Your Brand: Express effectively on Social media, Develop an elevator pitch and also employ the art of small talk effectively to impact favourably at every available opportunity. Develop an effective PR and Social media strategy for self (own organization)

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