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“You are the magic you have been waiting for.”

How Her Upside Down Became Her Downside Up Story by Being an Image Consultant.

Benaisha was a 19-year-old shy timid girl who walked in with her mother with hopeful eyes of building her own image and then in turn building the lives of others. Having learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD- her school and college years were a struggle to prove her self-worth. This not only created a poor self-image but also a poor impression on her friends and family.

In the year of 2010 her mother came across the ICBI advertisement which made her recommend the program to Benaisha. Benaisha quickly took to the idea of building her own positive first impression and realised the need for such a profession in the future. Today, it’s been 10 glorious years of Benaisha being in this industry.

She is passionate about infusing self-love and self-care in her clients so that they can develop a powerful, influential, and charismatic personality. She is India’s First Youngest Internationally Certified Master Image Consultant, a winner of the Business Excellence Leadership award 2022 and a four-time winner of the Global Excellence Leadership award by Image Management Professionals Association. She is also a certified Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapist and an integrated personal counsellor, and uses image management and talk therapy methodology to enhance her clients with their mental health and self-care practices.

She has inspired and trained more than 10,000 people to be Style, Image, and Fashion Conscious .In addition; she has influenced people to shift their focus to mindful living and to the importance of mental health. Benaisha has provided personal consulting to more than 300 HNI clients across India, United States, and UAE. She conducts personalised coaching programs and training workshops to help people get knowledge about the right appearance and attitude to harness emotional well-being with an inside-outside approach.

Benaisha believes that image management brought out the magic within her and often comments to young aspiring image consultants who she trains – “You are the magic you have been waiting for!”


“Being a Soft Skills Trainer gives me everything I ever wanted from my professional life-freedom of when I work, how I work and with whom I work.”
How ICBI Helped Shape the Career of a Small-Town Girl from Surendranagar (Saurashtra)

Since her teen years, Simoni was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to study at various places starting from boarding schools to hostels for further education. She was a keen observer since her childhood & could sense the gap between what the education system was providing & what real life skills were needed to live a content & successful Life.

She studied Bachelors in Business Administration and went ahead to study Masters in Business Administration with dual specialization in Human Resources & Marketing. She always knew that she wasn’t made for the 9-5 jobs. Therefore, she was looking for a career where she could use her education as well as her public speaking skills. She wanted to enjoy her work while making a contribution to someone’s life. And that’s when someone suggested she go to ICBI. This changed her life drastically.

During her MBA she joined ICBI to become a Trainer for Soft Skills. Her learning at ICBI was not only developing her career but also enhancing her own life skills. The guidance & support that she got at ICBI assured her that this is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Among her many achievements her paper titled ‘Attrition Rate and The Changing Employer- Employee Relationship’ was adjudged the ‘Best Paper Award’ at the 2nd National Conference – Innovating for Development and Sustainability (2017).

Using her knowledge of Management & Psychology added with her learnings about training process, soft skills etc. from ICBI, she works as a Freelance Corporate Trainer with various companies helping them make the best out of their employees keeping in mind the companies’ Vision & Values. She also helps startups build an office culture aligned with the principles of the Founder.

She conducts Corporate Trainings as well as one on one consulting at various companies after an effective Training Need Analysis. She has trained delegates from admin level to executives on various topics like Communication, Body Language, Email Etiquette, Selling Skills, Perception, and Assertiveness etc. Her training programs have also been attended by delegates from Singapore, Australia, Thailand etc. She has worked with organizations like ABB, Sheth Brothers, YI, Marsbazaar etc. to name a few. She also works with Universities to help their students become corporate ready.

At a young age, today Simoni proudly wears hats of a Trainer, Coach & Consultant for many companies.

Mihika Bhanot

“Be Unstoppable.”

Why Did a 17 Years Old Take Up Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training as a Career?

Mihika Bhanot was naturally inclined towards helping people look, feel and perform better and at the age of 13 she started conducting personality development classes with 3-10-year-old children in pre-schools extracurricular program with her mother. Her love for teaching helped her overcome her self-esteem issues that she faced during her adolescent days as she struggled to speak without stuttering.

Mihika first stumbled upon Image Consulting when an acquaintance suggested that she take up fashion as a career after hearing her speak about effortless styling. Her natural flair for colour combinations made her the go-to person for every event. She came across ICBI and joined the Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training course which only showed her how vast the subject of Image Management really is and how her contribution could impact people. She also realized that it will help us give back to society by helping the underprivileged and differently abled project a winning Image.

At 21, Mihika made a World Record of “The Largest Personality Development and Confidence Building” workshop conducted at multiple venues with the specially abled and underprivileged, only to set the notion of how everyone deserves to work on their image and confidence just like she did.

She now manages the image of not just people, but of companies and guides some of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups and medium scale companies on ‘Growth Strategies’ to build a powerful brand serving clients and employees, keeping the standards of the company in mind.

She bagged the title of “Entrepreneur of the Year 2019” after successfully training over 25,000 people from all walks of life. She inspires the youth of today by being the youngest member of the Board of Advisors for ‘Centre of Women Entrepreneurship’ – Ministry of Education. She regularly curates learning sessions for over 600 employees of companies globally on a weekly basis through her company, Mihika Bhanot Image Consultancy, founded in 2017.

People lose opportunities just believing that it’s something they may not be ‘able’ to do. Her consultations are tailored to help people combat self-image issues and drive every ounce of energy into making it their best foot toward personal and professional achievement. This young and dynamic leader envisions changing the way people see the world by changing the way people see themselves, helping them work on themselves, one image at a time. After all, you are the mirror of the impression you create, make it a powerful one!

Sana Chopra

“Dare to dream, everything else will work out for you!”

How An 18-Year-Old Girl Chanced Upon the World of Image Consulting

An avid reader and writer since her childhood, Sana always had an interest to know more about people and help them. Being an extrovert by nature, Sana liked exploring new options for herself while meeting new people along the journey. It was in 2015, when her brother saw an ad about Image Consulting in the newspaper and persuaded her mom to join the course and become an Image Consultant herself. But as fate would have it, Sana ended up joining the course instead of her mother. She joined ICBI when she was just 18 years old to explore the career of Image Consulting and know more about it while she was pursuing B. Com Honors from Delhi University alongside.

Who knew what started as a journey of exploration soon will turn out to be a career choice for Sana. She started training kids at schools and conducted a few sessions while she was still in her 3rd year of college and also started her own firm by the name of Power of You.

Her excellent academic achievements along with the soft skills that she was then trained in landed her a job in KPMG, one of the big four of the auditing world in India. She ended up taking the job to further explore her career choices. Soon after joining the job, she realized that she was not doing what she was meant to do – to help people become better versions of themselves and unleash the power they have within them. It was then that she decided to leave her well-paying job to go back to working on her own dream – Power of You. She was still scared whether it would work out for her or not, yet this time, she had a determination to give her 100% to her dream and not back out when things got tough.

It has been 5 years since and she hasn’t looked back. The journey for her has been extremely challenging as compared to a job that she left but as she says, no rewards come without challenges. Today, she is helping people unleash their true potential by making them realize the power that they have within themselves. She dared to dream and make a difference in the world by doing her bit. Her journey is an example of what you can do once you set your mind on something and decide to go for it.

Her years of experience with companies, educational institutions and a plethora of one-on-one clients has made her a sought-after Image Consultant & Soft Skills.
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