Winning with HNI

Working with HNI is one of the most exciting professions in the world; You represent the best, you are exposed to the best, and, you must be your best. You must think about and design your customer experience in ways that are consistent with what the HNI expect and are habituated to.

Our 1 Day “Winning with HNI” Workshop is architected to equip you with real world skills on mastery with high net worth and affluent clients.

This workshop will help you discover:

  • The HNI Opportunity
  • Getting into the HNI mindset
    1. Secrets of the HNI
    2. 5 Assumptions that must be avoided
    3. 10 Strategies for Building Strong Relationships with HNI
    4. Steps to position yourself as their go-to-expert
    5. 3 Golden Rules for Creating a WOW with your HNI Client
  • Case Studies and Discussion
  • 7 principle drivers of winning with HNI
  • 6 Strategies to help you Become a Magnet with HNI
  • Evaluation with strategies for overcoming your social consciousness
  • Self-Management – Creating great first and everlasting impressions
  • Effective Behavioral Strategies and the Fine Art of Rapport Building with HNI
  • The Fine Art of Questioning and Deep Listening
  • The 6 Cs of HNI loyalty