Enrich Employee Experience With Proven Soft Skills Activities

Face to Face conversations

Compare oral and written communication styles to improve skills with this exercise.

Above and Below the Line Scenarios

Learn to identify positive/negative thinking ("above/below the line") through scenario-based soft skills training.

Overcome Obstacles 

Use one of the most effective activities to improve soft skills – the WOQ technique.

Create an exercise for staff to get feedback from customers/colleagues using open-ended and closed-ended questions.

Open and Close Ended Questions

Regular practice of this activity improves soft skills like empathy, teamwork, and collaboration.

Empathy Exercises

Boost teamwork & problem-solving skills by having employees solve puzzles.

Games with Teamwork Obstacles

Communication Between Leaders  & Teams

The idea is to create opportunities for conversation as a start to healthy professional relationships.

Review individual meetings to improve team members' soft skills and responses to work situations.

Individual encounter review.

Develop vocabulary and communication skills for soft skill growth in employees.

Speaking Without Repeating

Shrinking Vessel Activity

This is an activity-based soft skills training game to improve problem-solving skills & adaptability.

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