Wardrobe Evaluation and Art of Clustering

Wardrobe Evaluation and Art of Clustering

All of us have wardrobe orphans – Clothes that we buy, but never wear because they do not work for us. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes evaluation of your wardrobe to understand what works and what doesn’t for you, and why. Based on the wardrobe evaluation, the consultant advices on what needs to be discarded and what needs to be bought using the concept of cluster to get more variety with lesser expense. A shopping list is then created which is just right for you.

In this session you would learn the secrets of creating a variety of looks with lesser number of clothing pieces. You would learn how to create more value out of your money spent on clothes. The Cluster concept is a lifesaving tool for all individuals, including working women, busy executives, socialites or anyone whose life is on a roll. You learn to sort and cluster your clothes, which makes life easier and saves time and effort otherwise wasted in meticulously putting together a decent outfit. The simple techniques of wardrobe management taught would make organising your wardrobe an easier & pleasurable task. With the wardrobe orphans eliminated and learning to manage the clusters, your expenditure would drop significantly, while the variety in your outfits and looks would multiply. A win-win situation!

Benefits/ Take away from the session:

  • Identify clothing needs precisely and defining likes and dislikes which eliminates impulse buying and thereby wardrobe orphans
  • Making better use of clothing that you already own and only invest in add on garments to create more variety
  • Wardrobe inventory would make you aware of the contents of your wardrobe which makes it easier to shop for the right garments
  • Avoid making mistakes while selecting and buying clothes in the future
  • Identifying, recycling and reusing the right garments which suit and enhance your looks
  • Eliminates guilt that you feel eachtime you see heaps of unused, wasted clothes
  • Saving your time, effort and money in shopping for right clothes
  • Better returns on investment for your clothing spend

Duration: 3 to 4 Hours