Vikrant Parihar

Vikrant PariharMomentum. Dedication. Discipline. These are some of the values I instill in the customers I interact with. Not to forget persistence, continual improvement, and limitless motivation. How about unstoppable confidence, fearlessness and artistry?

Interacting with sales people and the like, I am able to pass on these qualities through mere transference. I have been training sales folks for close to a decade helping them sell their products and services effectively in changing market conditions. As an Image Consultant, I consult groups and organizations on progressively handling their image ensuring they achieve their objectives along the way. In these competitive times, we need a whole lot and more to get to the pinnacle we desire. Also, since the marketplace and workforce went global, right guidance would double your chances of success. That’s where I step in providing timely and skillful strategies to take your game to the next level making sure your needs are understood and catered to.

I am proud alumni of the Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) and a Senior Program Manager for Asia Pacific at EMC².

Suman Agarwal, Director, ICBI and the senior most Image Consultant in Indian Sub-continent talking about Image Consulting as a career