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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are an important skill set in communicating knowledge and expressing ideas to groups of people. It is a primary medium for presenting the subject, ideas and Concepts. Being able to communicate effectively to the audience is an essential competence for a presenter.

This session helps participants to face their fear and successfully overcome the same .The session examines topics such as introductions, conclusions, handling questions, posture, gestures etc On completion of the same learner will be able to consider What is effective, What needs improvement and why, Overcome stage fear and Deliver effective presentations.

A corporate set up demands presentations at various levels, thus creating urgency in developing these skills so that the information is passed on in the right /desired manner. Many a times despite having knowledge, employees fail to convey the right message due to lack of presentation skills training making them seem doubtful of taking up a project. Presentation skills training is a must for the newbie’s in the business to create an outstanding Image in front of their customers and seniors as well as for leaders who through their presentations would not just ensure knowledge sharing but also look powerful enough to ensure understanding and correct implementation. A great presenter is not just a show stealer but someone who walks the talk!


  • Deliver effective presentations by understanding the context-Audience and setting
  • Effectively Choose/Narrow a Topic as per the duration
  • Overcome Anxiety and nervousness
  • Initiate questions and Handle questions


  • Speech communication process
  • Understanding the context-Audience and Setting
  • Analysing and Adapting to the audience
  • Organizing Your Session
  • Types of Openers/introduction and its functions
  • Concluding styles and functions of conclusions
  • Elements of Delivery-Verbal, Vocal and Body language
  • Overcoming anxiety and nervousness
  • Tips for effective presentation
  • Initiating questions and handling questions

Note: The coverage of content in a particular corporate training session will depend on the time allotted to that session.