Certificate Program in Personal Image Management and Executive Presence (Optional)

The most comprehensive program covering the full spectrum of Personality Development, Grooming, Communication & Behavioural Skills and Executive Presence

Image Management- What, Why and for Whom

What is Image Management

Image Management is the art and science of managing one’s appearance to create powerful first impressions to get more opportunities in life and acquiring necessary soft skills to perform when these opportunities present themselves. It covers the complete spectrum of appearance, behaviour, communication and digital foot print.

Why Image Management

Image Management is the most essential skill in today’s competitive world where one needs to stand out just to survive. Gone are the days wherein academic education and technical knowledge were enough to be successful. These elements are possessed by many people today and Image Management provides the winning edge.

Who needs it

While everyone needs to manage their Image to become more successful, it becomes critical in threshold situations in life. Each threshold situation marks the beginning of a new role and with that there is a change in goals as well as typical occasions in one’s life. Projecting an Image appropriate to roles and goals is essential.

Program Coverage


Clothing, grooming, body language and etiquette are part of appearance. One communicates a lot with these visual elements and this is our first communication with others. People take decisions about us in their mind based on this communication and these decisions heavily influence their behaviour towards us.


Behavioural skills are noticed after the visual part of the communication. Not only that these skills need to be appropriate but they must also align with impressions created through visual communication. Also known as people skills they are most essential in today’s world as effective dealing with people is the key to success.


Vocal and verbal communication skills complete the full spectrum of Image Management. There is an old saying that as light travels faster than sound most people seem brighter till they open their mouth. Also since in today’s world major part of our communication is through digital medium, one’s digital footprint is of equal importance.

See- What Will You Learn
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See- What Will You Learn

To know more about this program and to get some do it yourself tips to manage your Image, register to attend a free workshop on Image Management for Greater Success. Choose a workshop slot in the form. Once your form is received our program advisor will get in touch with you to reconfirm your seat for the free workshop.

Certificate Program in Personal Image Management
Duration: Full day once a week for 10 days
Batches: Weekend as well as weekday batches
Program Fee: Rs. 35, 000 all inclusive

With Executive Presence
Rs. 48, 000 all inclusive

See- What Will You Learn

Register for Free Workshop

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Batch start  date

13 March, 2016(Sunday) Mumbai- Andheri Mumbai- South Bombay Mumbai- Thane Delhi- South Ex Gurgaon Bangalore- St.Marks Road Bangalore- Koramangla Hyderabad Chennai Pune 19 March, 2016(Saturday) Ahmedabad 20 March, 2016(Sunday) Vadodara 26 March(Saturday) Kolkata 27 March(Sunday) Chandigarh Jaipur

What Will You Learn

  • Recognize the importance of clothing as a resource to meet needs and achieve goals.
  • Acquire a visible “edge” in business and social situations; Boost self-image, self-confidence and self-competence to successfully meet your life goals.
  • Develop a sense of fashion being in touch with the times, stop making fashion mistakes and buying clothes that don’t work for you.
  • Learn the language of clothes—what message is projected or reflected.
  • Overcome the fear of fashion and work towards an attractive, appropriate, authentic and affordable image Understand the evergreen wardrobe strategies that equip you with an easy approach to the overwhelming process of wardrobing
  • Understand how the elements and principles of design come together to communicate and project the real “YOU.”
  • Dress as per body shape and accessorize as per face shape.
  • Break out of a color system that limits the colors being worn currently and understand how to wear any color one wants or one already owns.
  • Identify your personal colors and fashion colors that work best in making you appear attractive and confident.
  • Learn clothing strategies that fit well and create illusions of a slimmer/attractive body, draw attention up and close to the face for better communication, and away from body variations.
  • Learn the art of selecting the right patterns that work as an extension of your Image and accurately communicate your roles, occasions & activity.
  • Learn and apply the use of clusters for more variety, versatility and affordability—what to buy, how to coordinate; Recognize and find quality clothing instead of quantity.
  • Weed out clothes that appear dated, no longer fit, don’t coordinate; Re-organize the closet to use the space more efficiently and effectively as well as to simplify and facilitate dressing time.
  • Master the art of making wise purchases by getting more with less money. Make sensible shopping choices by calculating the cost per wearing for each item that you wish to acquire and learn to become a smart shopper.
  • Self Presentation on Wardrobe Audit and Recommendation
  • Adapt make-up techniques to lift your look instantly. Gain confidence to look your best during the day as well as evenings when you want to put the best foot forward.
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge base to understand the different aspects of etiquette in order to strengthen relationships with people on personal, professional and social front.
  • Self Discovery before Self Mastery – Self Assessment using Personal SWOT – You are your greatest Asset!
  • Make Positive Mental Attitude a way of life by unleashing the power within
  • Communicate Right, Communicate Smart – The Fine Art of Small Talk and Rapport Building – How to Start a conversation and keep it going; from ice breakers to exit lines; Assertiveness, Confidence, Active Listening and Effective Questioning Techniques
  • The Art of Selling and Negotiation
  • The Art of Goal Setting, Action Planning and Prioritizing for Personal Effectiveness and Success
  • Holding your ground and making a mark with Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Secrets of Body Language – What matters is NOT what you say, but, what you DON’T SAY!
  • Building Emotional Intelligence by understanding traits and social skills that facilitate interpersonal behaviour; applying key concepts of Transactional analysis to understand human attitudes and behaviour, analyzing and changing these patterns for best results and healthy team work.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Communication

Additional Content of Executive Presence

  • Dining Etiquette Practical
  • Situational Leadership
  • Power Presence
  • Influencing Skills through Debating and Conflict Resolution
  • Two one on one sessions of two hours each with an Image Consultant
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