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One on One Consulting Comprehensive Package

One on One Consulting Comprehensive Package

One-on-One Consulting Comprehensive Package includes the following:

  1. Image Scope – A need analysis by an expert Image Consultant to evaluate the current status of the Image of the client through Perception Gap Assessment & Appearance Management Assessment
  2. Look the Part – Looking the role you play or going to play is one of the most important skills in today’s competitive world. An expert Image Consultant will evaluate your lifestyle activities, your clothing values / needs and would recommend a plan to allot suitable budget for your clothing requirements. You will learn the language of clothing through the International Style Scale and gain clarity on Appropriate dressing – when to wear what clearing your confusion on formals, business/ smart casuals and casuals once and for all.
  3. Style Your Shape; Shape your Style – Dressing as per your body shape results in an attractive Image. An Image Consultant will evaluate your body shape and guide you through techniques to repeat / enhance your positive features and counter /dress down the parts not needing attention. Projecting an ideal figure through these techniques, you would project your attractive best!
  4. Wear your Color – Color harmony in dressing is essential for an attractive look. An expert Image Consultant will evaluate your personal colors, fashion colors and recommend various color schemes which best suit you. Samples of color combinations and suggestions for accessory selection will be provided.
  5. Discover your Personal Style – An important session where your personal style is discovered through technical evaluations and the Chinese concept Yin Yang theory. Discovering & refining your Personal style through the expert guidance of an Image consultant would enable you to dress ‘Authentic’, true to your values, traits & goals. A most important session that connects your inner Image to your outer Image, making you comfortable with your new style.
  6. Wardrobe Evaluation & the Art of Clustering – Evaluation of your wardrobe to understand what works for you and what does not. An expert Image Consultant will assist you in segregating and creating workable Clusters of clothes for various occasions. Clusters enable you to create a variety of looks with lesser garments. With your wardrobe sorted and a shopping list in place, you save your time, money and effort in future shopping trips.
  7. Dining Etiquette – An expert Image Consultant will guide you to learn the international fine dining etiquette apart from Business etiquette to equip you with the right knowledge and confidence to handle professional situations happening over meals and with important domestic / overseas business delegates.
  8. Personal Shopping Services – A Smart Shopping experience where an expert Image Consultant conducts a pre-shopping analysis and accompanies you to the right shopping places to assist you to buy the right garments and accessories and make up products which befit and benefit you in terms of investment. Four hours of shopping service is provided.
  9. Makeup; Face Shape & Personal Grooming – Primarily for women clients, this session will include evaluation of your face shape, guide you on personal grooming, skin, hair & nail care, application of makeup – day and evening – and corrective make up to enhance your looks. Recommendation of products which suit your skin type/ tone is included in the session.
  10. A Quick Reference Guide would be provided which is a synopsis of general recommendations pertaining to all the above sessions. With a wealth of information, this reference guide would be your style guide for all purposes.

Duration: 20 to 25 Hours