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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is simply the process of getting what you want from another person.

Many people think of negotiation as a formal process involving businesses closing a profitable deal. However, this is only a part of the picture. In fact, everyone in their everyday lives is a negotiator.

Negotiation is the second last step towards a closure. Thus, making it the most important stage in a sales call. A lack of appropriate skills in this aspect may not only ensure huge losses that would have an immediate and direct impact on the bottom line of an organization but also a repeated failure would de-motivate the employees in the long run making them question their ability.

Getting what you want in these everyday situations can improve your life and well-being by reducing stress and contention. By Getting what you want more often you will feel greater success, synchronicity and serendipity in your life.

This session is all about the Art of Negotiation


  • Prepare more effectively for negotiations by deciding on the negotiation strategy as per the desired outcome
  • Develop different negotiation styles to apply as per situation
  • Identify and apply the type of negotiation which will be more effective for the situation
  • Develop the right communication by accepting its role in negotiation
  • Avoid the common mistakes in negotiation


  • Why negotiation
  • Types of negotiation
  • Styles of negotiation
  • Preparing for negotiation
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Role of communication in negotiation
  • Common mistakes

Note: The coverage of content in a particular corporate training session will depend on the time allotted to that session.