Inspiring Story of a #MoreThanAPayCheque Believer – Renu Mehra

What you know,
what you feel,
what you think and what you believe is important,
but what you do is really what matters.

Blast from the Past

I’m a small-town girl who moved to Delhi to pursue interior designing. My interest in design made me explore other avenues of design like fashion, styling and visual merchandising. After marriage I set up a small business in fashion styling and manufacturing. With the support of my husband, my ideas took my small retail store and merchandise to different parts of the world. My ideas of styling were fresh and the need of the hour which brought me in contact with and the celebrities and who’s who. After being in the clothing and interiors business for 20+ years, I had this constant desire to do some more with my knowledge and experience and expand my horizons. I knew I was doing good. I felt I was involved but also felt the urge to do something more. I believed I was capable of doing more but never did anything about it. And like I said that is what matters.

Then it all Changed

One day I saw the advertisement of image consulting business institute and unbelievingly there was an internal tug towards it. Attended their presentation the very next day and before I knew it, I had enrolled myself for their course in Image Consulting.

Back to school again. Back to making new friends. Back to doing assignments. Back to feeling charged with enthusiasm. To learn more and do more. I was like a sponge soaking up knowledge and adding my previous knowledge and experience to dream of bigger platform, a wider audience, where fashion had a deeper meaning, where styling explored the why of everything, culminating in delivering a message for an individual, group or organisation with a predetermined role and goal.

I discovered my ability to address crowds and individuals alike and hold the undivided attention while making them believe in what I was sharing with them. Today I am also the President of Delhi chapter of Image Management Professional’s Association.!

Conquering New Horizons

Suddenly the whole world was mine to explore. Every nuance taught to me at ICBI was valuable in reaching new avenues and bringing out the best in me in “Corporate trainings”, One-on-one consulting, building power brands and styling the common man and celebrities alike. With large number of corporates, MNC’s, Government institutions being trained by me on Image management and soft skills, innumerable happy individual clients, ranging from college students to CEO’s and the amalgamation of my previous, existing and newly gained expertise, I was unfolding my dream. I have had the honour of being awarded “The Exceptional Woman of Excellence” award by the Women’s Economic Forum at Hague, Netherlands. I continue to be connected to ICBI by training their students batch after batch at different cities in the country along with running my own business enterprise. Every day there is a new enthusiasm to greet the day and touch lives by building on their confidence and enhancing the qualities they already have. I am finally doing what I knew I wanted to do. Loving it!

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

I was once consulting a senior manager of a famous electronic brand. His image enhancement helped him so much that he got two consecutive and unexpected promotions. He called me to thank me as he felt I was majorly responsible for the promotion. He said,” just like you have worked wonders for me, I am sure you will do the same for the company”. As a result, I would like to offer you training a certain section of the company employees, throughout India”. This kind of ‘Wow’ moment makes you realize that the paycheck as an Image consultant is only part of the reward – the bond we make with our clients, the trust & respect we earn is priceless!