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Inspiring Story of a #MoreThanAPayCheque Believer – Anshu Gupta

People only care about people who care about themselves.

Blast from the Past

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by good clothes and beauty. I would always dress up nicely and try to look my best at every occasion. This laid the foundation for my doing a professional course in Fashion Designing and subsequently, training in Beauty Culture and Makeup. I practiced as a Fashion Advisor for almost 11 years before taking a break. When my sons grew up and I decided to start working again, the obvious choice was to get back to the Fashion Industry. But, I had always felt a vacuum, I felt something was missing. I was looking for something beyond fashion, something where I could work towards helping people bring a change or difference in their lives.

Then it all Changed

One day I came across an article in Times of India which spoke about the importance of “First Impressions” and how to project the desired Image through proper Attire, Grooming, Makeup, Body Language & Etiquette. I had a strong inner voice which kept on telling me that this was the opportunity I had always been looking for. And so, started my journey towards becoming an Image Consultant.

I was fortunate to be trained by the best trainers and was awed by their aura and command. I used to wonder whether I would ever be able to become like them when I would be on the other side. Each one of them came with a different skill set, different ways and means of coaching. I got a mix of all – strict, theatrical, approachable and kind. It was a dream world for me and gave me the conviction that with their help I’ll be able to transform myself. Each session gave me an opportunity for self-introspection and self-enhancement. It paved the way for my transformation.

Conquering New Horizons

It’s been a quick climb up the ladder, right from the day I graduated as an Image Consultant in 2012 to being awarded the “Leadership Award 2017 for Social Impact”. I started as a Trainer with ICBI and have gradually built up myself into a brand – “Anshu Image Coach”.

I’ve been associated with various Beauty Pageants as an Image Consultant and have even had the opportunity to be one of the Jury Members. I regularly take Image Management workshops for Individuals, Social Groups and Companies and have taken several assignments as a Personal Shopper for my clients. I do work across India and have also taken training projects for several NGOs and similar organizations including Tihar Jail.

I have featured as an Image Consultant in the Image Makeover Show “Image Banani Hai” on Zoom Television. I am currently also the President, Gurgaon Chapter, Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA).

My #MoreThanAPaycheque moment

Mother of one my first clients, a student with special needs, came back to me after 6 months and hugged me for bringing about a stark change in his self-esteem. He could now easily mix up with children of his own age without any complex. In fact, his mother was so glad that she referred 2-3 more clients to me of similar challenges. Till this date, whenever this young boy and his mother are around my office, they visit me and always brings some flowers. For me this is more than what any amount of money can buy.