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“You are never too old to start a new phase of your life”

What Made India’s Only Lady Neuro Physician and NeuroSurgeon Become an Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer?

Dr. Prithika Chary is a practising Neurologist and Neurosurgeon since 1978 in Chennai. She is the only lady in India to be qualified both as a Neuro Physician and a NeuroSurgeon. She is also the first PhD in Neurology for the University of Madras. Her qualifications include MBBS, MD, DM, PhD, MCh, and MNAMS- all in Neurosciences. However, these sit lightly on her shoulders, as she considers it her life mission to be a contributor making a person or place better because she has passed through.

As a doctor her expertise extends to care of all neurological disorders, with a special interest and additional skills in Epileptology. Her interest in epilepsy stems from her desire to help people with epilepsy not just to get control of their seizures, but to overcome stigma and marginalization and attain maximum quality of life despite epilepsy. She has a special focus on women, children, disabled and marginalized.

She has worked in the Tamil Nadu Government service for 9 years, in Apollo Hospital, Chennai for 28 years from its inception in 1983, had an independent private practice, and is currently attached to Kauvery Hospital-Chennai as the Chief of Neurology Department since 2012.

Her active curiosity and enthusiasm to continue to reinvent herself and grow made her join the Business Program in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training offered by ICBI at the age of 69 years. She believes how we present ourselves to the world requires special skills which this program taught her and she shares this knowledge with her patients, colleagues and juniors to enable them to have both style and substance.


“I needed direction and ICBI provided me with the compass.”

When the Dental Surgeon Chose to See Beyond Teeth; Prescribing a Career in Training & Coaching

Having graduated from the Government Dental College, Bengaluru, in the year 2000, it was natural for Dr. B. Prashanth to get into medical practice. It was probably fate which called out to a career in teaching at a Dental College simultaneously. Subsequently, Dr. B. Prashanth forayed into medical transcription, becoming an entrepreneur thereafter.

There was a common thread throughout – no matter what role Dr. B. Prashanth took – as an employee or entrepreneur, he would end up teaching, coaching, counselling peers & junior staff. In fact, as the years went by, this skill of building rapport, effective communication, and active listening made him much sought after as a colleague and as a boss.

With his career getting mundane, both at the clinic and managing 100+ staff, he was looking out for opportunities to hone his skills. Two years later, Dr. B. Prashanth became a Performance Coach at an MNC dealing with ITES. But there was something still missing. In 2017, a good friend who had changed career paths happened to mention Image Consulting Business Institute, Bengaluru. Thereon began his journey as a certified Soft Skills Trainer. There was no looking back after that.

He found his niche in Emotional Intelligence in which he is a certified practitioner today. He also went on to author a book, highlighting how leaders have used EQ. His passion also led him to explore a POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) course. Dr. B. Prashanth also helps mid-life career professionals and youngsters alike to find their core and work on them.

With close to 50,000 hours of training sessions conducted till date, his clients range from medical and dental colleges and hospitals, IT and finance companies, and coaching clients. He is today living the same dream as he would being a dental surgeon – putting a smile on people’s faces – this time from the inside though.


“Even after starting my medical career, I felt like a piece in the puzzle was missing. I found the missing piece at ICBI”

Why Did a MBBS Doctor Decide to Pursue Image Management & Soft Skills Training?

Having come from a family of medical practitioners, it was a natural instinct for Aishwarya to become a Doctor. In that pursuit, she developed a habit of reading which included, apart from academics, biographies of famous personalities. She always aspired to acquire qualities that will influence others and impact their lives in a meaningful fashion.

She graduated with an M.B.B.S. degree from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and was deeply interested in pursuing Dermatology and Aesthetic medicine. However, after a brief stint with general medical practise in Pune, she decided to pursue Image Management and Soft Skills Training which not only satiated her passion for aesthetics but also gave her the autonomy of a flexible work schedule. For her, it was akin to a path of self-discovery!

Aishwarya practises both Medicine and Image Management to help individuals transform themselves. For Aishwarya, her Image Consulting career is rewarding, challenging and fuels her creativity at the same time! Every day is a unique learning experience!

She now intends to launch her independent entrepreneurial venture and aims to work with enterprising young minds and spread more awareness about positive self-image.


“Create the things that you wish existed”

What Made a Doctor Add Additional Skills of Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training to Feel More Empowered and Complete?

Right since childhood Aayushi dreamt of becoming a doctor and by God’s grace, her family’s support and true belief today she achieved what she dreamt of.

Dr. Aayushi belongs from a small town; she described herself as a very under confident and shy girl in her early age. She completed her bachelor of dental surgery from Modern Dental College, Indore and internship from Government Dental College, Indore. Being an alumna of two prestigious colleges she got the right skills and guidance to thrive. Dr. Aayushi conducted various camps and oral health care awareness programs also.

After achieving everything that she wished for, she still felt she was lacking somewhere. She described this feeling as – ‘you want something, but you can’t figure out what it is’. Masters of Dental Surgery, clinical practice, hospital management are common paths which every student ends up pursuing after BDS, but this was not her calling. While preparing for civil services she came across Image Consulting Business Institute.

It took her 6 months to decide but she feels absolutely privileged, delighted and satisfied to be part of ICBI. ICBI’S curriculum is all about – insight, information, knowledge, power, inspiration, discovering yourself and your true potential.

Being a dental surgeon Dr. Aayushi already touched so many lives, treating her patients was no doubt a fulfilling experience, but now along with treating patients and making them smile externally she has the knowledge and skill to add more value, giving her patients a firm reason to smile, feel more confident. Dental surgeon adding skills of Image Consulting & Soft Skills Training feels like a dream come true. Now every day is a fresh start on expanding what is possible, on expanding joy at every level.

Dr. Aayushi says – “If you can get paid for doing what you love, every paycheck is a bonus. I gave myself the bonus of a lifetime by pursuing my passion and got a chance to reconnect and discover what I love”.
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