“Being an entrepreneur was like a dream come true.”

From IT/ITES to Image Consulting – How Aruna Made a Life-changing Career Move

Having finished her Masters in Computers and Management (MCM), when Aruna joined Deloitte Consulting, she was all excited about her career taking off. But the excitement settled eventually and just like every ambitious professional, Aruna too started searching for a job with better prospects. Her search finally ended when she took a leap from Deloitte to Accenture. At Accenture, she worked for 6 years.

The journey took a halt when Aruna decided to leave Accenture and take a break so she could focus on her little one – Aditya. Five years later, when she decided to get back to working regularly, she knew she did not want to go back to a gruelling schedule and a high-pressure work environment. So she started exploring multiple opportunities, until ICBI came her way. Being an entrepreneur was like a dream come true!

During her very first presentation, hearing about Image Consulting, her instincts told her that this is exactly what she was meant to be. Meeting diverse personalities and working with corporate companies across various sectors, was a genuinely enriching experience for her. The fact that every client’s need is unique and presents an opportunity to impact someone’s life positively is what keeps her motivated.

She has worked with clients from junior executives to CXOs in the Banking, manufacturing, insurance, pharmaceuticals, SME, retail, IT, and ITES sectors. She also works very closely with international schools and Colleges across India.

Over the last ten years, she has trained nearly 20,000 people, including school students, college students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, she has worked with international clients for 5+ years. She has been associated with politicians and celebrities to manage their public and media image too. She is a holistic transformation partner to corporate and individuals, bringing together solutions leveraging coaching, training and counselling.

Among her many firsts and milestones include being featured on Zoom TV and her role as the President of Image Management Professional Association (IMPA), TN Chapter for 6+ years, and being a proud recipient of various excellence, leadership and entrepreneurial awards.


“I strongly believe that it is Soft Skills that set one apart and above the others who are equally able at job technique or by educational qualification”

The Transition From IT to ICBI, how Nidhi is Now Rewarded for What She Loves to do

Nidhi is a Computer Science Engineering graduate who has grown from being a programmer to leadership roles. However, along with computer science, she always had multiple creative interests including creative writing, art and acting. Nidhi always detested thoughts that beauty and brains cannot co-exist OR that one doesn’t have to pay attention to appearance.

After working for many years for a MNC in the UK, when she decided to move back to India, she took over its India operations. Here, she had the opportunity to closely work with new recruits and other Indian colleagues and she had an opportunity to mentor the employees as part of her leadership role. Despite her love for her job, growing responsibilities and extensive hours of senior leadership role dealing with global clients, became a hindrance to her desire to be with her daughter in her growing years and with her parents/parents-in-law in their sunset years. As she began exploring alternatives, she wished to further her passion for Image Management Soft Skills. She thus quit her full-time employment and took part time leadership roles with corporates and be an image and leadership coach simultaneously. She joined ICBI in 2013 which gave her flexibility and an opportunity to follow her passion.

Nidhi is also the Founder Director and Principal Consultant of “YesICANB” (Yes, I Can Be), the Image Consulting, Soft Skill and Leadership Coaching endeavour via which she offers highly customized solutions to individuals and institutions. She trains in various schools, colleges, corporates, personal groups and also conducts one-on-one consultations for individuals. Her individual clients include home makers, young adults, working professionals as well as CEOs, CFOs, and GMs of various companies. She has empowered many by bringing out the leader in them, an act which she finds extremely self-fulfilling.

She is extremely thankful for making the choice to be an image consultant. Now she is rewarded for doing what she loves to do, a reward that is so satisfying and long lasting and, without sacrificing a thing! If ever eating a cake and having it too was possible, this is it!!


“I feel that I made the best decision by taking up this career.”

What Inspired a Successful IT/ITES Professional Not to Settle?

Coming from a humble middle-class Gujarati family, Jigna always had a desire to do something of her own. But computers were the “in thing” to do when she completed her B Sc. in Human Development from Mumbai University. So she went with the flow and finished her 2-year diploma in Software Engineering at Aptech only to end up with a job in the IT/ITES sector.

But the mind-numbing monotony and mounting pressure of the IT/ITES sector pushed her to explore other avenues. This was when she dabbled into a few other businesses like catering, software consulting, and marketing, but nothing gave her the satisfaction. It all changed when Jigna saw an advertisement on TV about the Image Consulting Business Institute. That is when she realised that this is a perfect opportunity to start something of her own!

Jigna was still working at Microsoft while she completed her course at ICBI. The experiential learning in the class from top-notch instructors gave her a lot of insight and the confidence to leave her cushy IT job. But leaving a job with a seven-figure salary and starting from scratch was both scary and challenging. However, she mustered the courage and confidence from the motto, “What does not kill you only makes you stronger” and took the leap of faith.

Ever since the launch of her own company “BrandU Image Consulting, Jigna has impacted the lives of 500+ business owners, VPs, CEOs and professionals and 1000+ students. Her signature program “Power of Personal Branding” is one of its kind 3 days intensive courses for ALL individuals! Some leading clientele of Jigna include: Microsoft India, Oracle India, Urbane College, Hyderabad and Warangal, Oakridge School, National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), HSBC Bank, Advanta Seeds, Ascendas, IT Start-ups including Nicanor, NowFloats, and Karvy Financials.


“My ulterior motive of being an Image Consultant is to empower people with their own inner strengths and bring about positive transformations in their lives”
The Journey From a Software Engineer to a Successful Image Consultant

As a student of CJM Ambala, DAV Public School Ludhiana and Panjab University Chandigarh, Arushi always had a keen interest in the co curriculars. She did theatre for 8 years, was the editor of her college magazine, won awards and recognitions at school, university and inter-state levels, and even stood for Student elections and won. She feels proud for being the only Female Representative till date of her Department to the Student Council. She moved to Delhi in 2014 and worked in a multinational as a software engineer for almost 5 years. This, she describes as a turning point in her life as it led to the discovery of her inner passions, interests and skill set. A dynamic and free spirited individual, Arushi decided to leave her lucrative job in pursuit of her passions. This was when ICBI stepped in her life and changed everything.

Being an Image Consultant helps her juggle and manage her work with her latest role of being a mother. She says no other profession can give her the freedom to choose when and not to work so that she can spend quality time with her little one. She describes her journey of being an Image Consultant as self-transformative and that this has made her evolve from the inside which she reflects with grace and confidence on the outside wherever she goes.

Arushi is the Founder and Director of “Re-invent with Arushi”. She has trained and influenced the lives of a large number of audiences- from individuals to groups. She facilitates training sessions for the Indian Army, the Delhi Police, numerous education institutions across India. Her clientele also includes many individuals-CEOs, homemakers & students whom she helps enhance their self-confidence and style.
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