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Inter Personal Skills

Inter-Personal Skills

People skills are imperative to become successful in all walks of life as no matter what you do it will involve dealing with people.

One needs to be a people’s person irrespective of professional status or designation. Managing businesses or for that matter managing anything means-Managing People.

Every organisation today needs a people’s manager in every manager, irrespective of the vertical she/he heads. All other skills become irrelevant if this skill is not developed and vice versa, all your skills get developed with the existence of this skill in your skill set basket.


  • Identify personality type of self
  • Differentiate people as per their personality type among the 16 defined styles as per MBTI and style the interaction with them appropriately
  • Apply positive strokes for creating Win-Win situations
  • Show more openness so that others open up
  • Develop trust in professional, personal and social relationships


  • What are Interpersonal Skills
  • The must haves to develop relationships and succeed in same
  • Relate -Trust, Cooperation and Competition
  • MBTI and the personal traits
  • The 16 types of personalities as per MBTI
  • Life Positions, I am OK-You are OK
  • Strokes-Conditional, Unconditional, Positive and Negative
  • The Johari Window

Note: The coverage of content in a particular corporate training session will depend on the time allotted to that session.