“Being an Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer has empowered me to enable transformations for my clients.”

The Transition from HRM Professional to ICBI – How Shaifali Relaunched Her Career & Created Her Own Personal Brand

With over a decade of corporate experience in developing people, processes and organisations, Shaifali has always been passionate about transforming individuals through personal & professional development. She specialises in HRM & Business Consulting & has led multiple consulting engagements both in India & abroad. After her successful career for over 12 years, she decided to take a sabbatical to focus on her new role as a mother. She also desired to to get back to being a working professional and deliberated on multiple career paths.

Shaifali has always been a fashion enthusiast and she has a passion to work with people. When she came across the program at ICBI, it aligned with both her passion & profession and she instantly found her calling.

Today, Shaifali is a certified Image Consultant, Soft Skills Trainer and Coach. She is the founder of The Image Works Consulting, which offers a holistic transformation journey for its clients by self-discovery, self-development & exploring possibilities. She also consults various organizations for Organization Development & HRM excellence.

Shaifali believes that we can achieve our desired success when we holistically invest in our well-being, personal branding, skills, competencies & knowledge.


“My Journey with ICBI gave me the opportunity to turn my passion into profession”

What Led Her to Switch From a Successful HR Profession to Image Consulting?

If you would have met Ananya in her childhood days, you would label her as a sweet, simple girl who was shy. She changed several schools because of her father’s work. But little did she knew that time, that it was a blessing in disguise. It made her comfortable in making new friends (a skill she learnt unknowingly) and made her a confident personality from within. Her ease to settle in different situations and with different people, made her realize she’s a People’s person. And hence her decision, to do the management degree with majors in Human Resources.

Ananya worked in Hospitality & Telecom sectors with Corporates like Taj Group & Vodafone. She worked in various profiles ranging from Recruitments, Employee engagement, Performance Appraisals to heading Training & Development for the entire state. After a successful stint in Corporate world, getting promoted every year to achieving “Employee of the Year awards”, she got married and started Placements & Training under her HR consulting firm. And it was then, she noticed there were people who had excellent education qualifications but lacked in soft skills and then there were few who were good at both hard skills and soft skills but lacked in appearance.

She decided to get certified in soft skills to upscale her career in Training and it was during this search she found out about ICBI. While going through the soft skills curriculum she was excited to read about Image Management too, as it was unheard of by her, and there she got her answer about the appearance of individuals. She was good at presenting herself but after getting certified in both Image Management and Soft Skills from ICBI, she got more aware and vouches to be a better person both from outside as well as inside.

Being in this profession has been such a fulfilling and grateful experience for her as she gets to meet so many different individuals from different walks of life. As per her, she is here to make a difference in people’s lives & also work as a catalyst to help them achieve their goals.

Being a seasoned HR professional, she has helped industry leaders in suitably placing them in desired fields and positions. She works with individuals, Corporates & educational institutes. She has coached socialites, politicians, business executives in person, through seminars & workshops.

As she likes to put “Image is more than just physical appearance. It is a wholesome reflection of everything you are on the inside out.”


“There is nothing better than earning while creating huge impact on lives of thousands”

What Made an HR Professional in an IT Company Switch Careers to What She Felt was Her Calling?

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Greeshma Thampi believes in excelling in whatever she does. Post her MBA, she was working as Human Resources Manager with an IT company. She was happy with her career, but soon realised that she was unable to exploit her potential within a set of listed job responsibilities. As a student of management, she always wanted to start her own business.

One day while browsing online, she stumbled upon the concept of “Image Consulting” in the year 2011. The idea of Image Management struck the right cord and she realised instantly that this was her true calling. It was certainly a huge turning point in her life. It was a career which was the perfect amalgamation of her skills and interest, providing the creativity, flexibility and challenges of entrepreneurship.

Image Management is a profession where you help others put their best foot forward. It includes everything from appearance management, communication skills, body language, grooming, etiquette, public speaking, online presence, etc. She underwent meticulous training in Image Management at ICBI under the curriculum of Image Specialist Judith Rasband (Most Senior Image Consultant in the world) and under the guidance of Ms. Suman Agarwal, Most Senior Image Consultant in the Indian Sub-continent.

After her certification and training, Avancé Image Management was born in 2011. The company specialises in offering image consulting and soft skill training programs for corporates. Till date, Greeshma has conducted over 900 programs addressing more than 15,000 participants across India, Middle East & South East Asia. She has worked with people across industries like BFSI, Consulting, Pharma, Manufacturing, Aviation, Luxury Retail, Automobile, Education and Real Estate. She also conducts specialised coaching programs for CEOs & Senior Corporate Leaders.


“Being an Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer has Empowered Me and Taken me To the Journey Which I Never Believed I Could Take.”

The Transition from HRM Professional to an Entrepreneur & Transformation Agent

Following her passion and perfecting her skills has been the life mantra for Vandana for over 16 years of her professional life. Based in Dubai for four decades, she specializes in Human Resources Management & Business Consulting.

Vandana’s formative years in multinational and local companies give her the advantage of having a global perspective with a local touch. She has developed a multi-functional perspective and sound judgement with a focus on innovation and process improvement. She has now started her own venture providing HR and Training solutions to Small & Medium Size Businesses.

Vandana has worked as an HR team lead for various projects on transformation, HR manuals, SOPs, policies and procedures. She has had a long stint with Schlumberger and Weatherford International and her recent projects include workforce planning, employee manuals, and restructuring with global brands in the UAE.

Born with a flair for fashion, styling always came naturally to Vandana; hence she was very excited to find it in the form of a career in Image Consulting. Today, Vandana is a certified Image Consultant, Soft Skills Trainer and runs her own business Vision Desk Project Management Solutions. The company offers holistic transformation for business owners by helping them align their personal and professional goals with the help of Image Management. Tapping into her skills as an Image Consultant, Vandana grooms personnel to be a more productive and better resource for the company.

Vandana believes success is a journey and the right Image leads to self-improvement and transformation of a better you from the inside out.

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