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“Being an Image Consultant gives me the financial freedom which I never dreamt of, coming from a privileged family where earning was the job of a man. From an Empty Nester to an Entrepreneur, my life took a literal 360 degree turn with 360 Degree Image Makeovers.”

The Transition From a Homemaker to ICBI Certified Image Consultant - How Aarti's Life Took a 360 Degree Turn

Aarti is a B.Sc. graduate who was working as a home-maker her entire life. For a person who had always been surrounded by family, her sons’ decision of going abroad for further studies, left her thinking of starting a new life for herself – Version 2! To break the shackles of domestication and start her journey of entrepreneurship.

From childhood, Aarti has always been fascinated with fashion and style. Being an enthusiastic “Family Shopper” she was really good at what she did and always used to wonder how cool a job this is! Hence, when she stumbled upon ICBI’s advertisement on Instagram, she knew that this was it! And today, she is a proud, successful image consultant conquering new horizons, for which she’s forever grateful to ICBI.

Aarti is also the Founder Director of 360 Degree Image Makeovers, where she offers highly customized Image Management solutions to individuals and institutions. She trains in various schools, colleges, and corporations and conducts one-on-one consultations for CEOs, CFOs, and GMs of various companies. She has empowered many by bringing out the leader in them through her one-of-a-kind “360 Degree Transformation Package”, which she finds extremely fulfilling.

Being an Image Consultant has given her the freedom to be her own boss, become financially independent, inspire people, pursue her hobbies, and most importantly, it has given her the flexibility to turn her passion into a career!


“I can’t thank ICBI enough to help me live and fulfill my dream, to transform, to add value to the world in my own special way.”

From a Homemaker to Enhancing People’s Lives – The Transition in Jaya’s Life

An early marriage and a conventional family environment couldn’t extinguish the inborn flame inside Jaya, a homemaker to pursue, live her dreams. In search of a bigger purpose, looking for something amiss, in her otherwise happening and content world, Jaya Singhi came across the ICBI advertisement “Women Changing Lives”. She was fascinated by the idea of Image building and Soft Skills Training. It seemed to be an extension of her innate flair for helping people, to make things work in all situations.

The certifications at ICBI equipped her with the right tools and concepts to turn her passion into her profession, providing nuanced and refined solutions personally and professionally.

She has been successfully designing and conducting individual and group training sessions across various domains, working with professionals, teachers, students, job seekers, young adults, and homemakers to develop self-confidence and effective communication skills.

Through the years, along with her experience in the Image Industry grew her interest in spirituality and eco-conscious existence which now form an integral part of her trainings. Bringing positive changes in people’s lives and society as a whole, she now finds herself at peace, progressively inching forward in this immensely gratifying journey.


“Image Consultancy unveiled the untapped reservoir of talent within me at 50 and transitioned me from a homemaker to an entrepreneur”

Her Journey From a Homemaker to an Entrepreneur at the Age of 50 Years

Born & raised in a small town of Eastern India, Anu married at the age of 22 and was a mother at the age of 25. This however, kept her away from her dream to work, in spite of being a postgraduate. Anu always wanted to be a working professional and be financially independent. That’s when she stumbled upon a career in Image Consulting at age 50.

ICBI gave her the platform to channelize her talent and creativity. She can’t stress enough to thank ICBI for what it has given her and the transformation it has brought in Anu. She was always very passionate about dressing, grooming, and training. ICBI helped her to make this passion into a profession.

Between 2012 to 2022, her decade of training experience is well decorated with plethora of work. It comprises of training for Front Office Executives, Business heads, Chartered Accountants, Finance Professionals, Company Secretaries, Banking Professionals, doctors, B schools and faculty of B schools and other educational institutions, on various soft skill spaces and image topics.

Anu has also worked as an Adviser and curator of a TEDx event of Mumbai, for 5 years. She went on to become the president of Image Management Professional’s Association, Mumbai Chapter, the only association of Image Management Professionals in the Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East. She successfully led the Chapter & was the proud recipient of ‘IMPA Business Excellence Award of Leadership’ for two consecutive years.

As President of IMPA, she got the opportunity to design programs, lead teams & deliver several sessions for various NGOs on Personality Development, Grooming, Interview Skills & other life Skills.

Anu mentions “Image Consulting profession never lets you retire. I still work at SIXTY and will continue to work”.


“I have always believed that willingness to learn is the mark of a youthful mind. Life has always been a journey of learning for me. Being my own boss gave me a freedom that I could have only dreamt about.”

The Transition from a Homemaker to an Image Consultant

Despite having a formal education in commerce and a post-graduation in computer software from GNIIT, she had willfully devoted most of her adult life to looking after her family and nurturing her children to give them a great upbringing. During this time, she still managed to constantly learn while being certified in a number of skills like Early Childhood Education and Public Speaking. Even after pursuing what she liked, she wasn’t getting a sense of satisfaction and was constantly looking for her next challenge. That’s when ICBI happened.

After being a homemaker for several years, she finally decided to give wings to her creativity and passion by becoming an Image Consultant. She now enjoys her financial independence and is certain that this is her calling. She loves what she does and has earned the respect of her family and friends. She is recognised as a “hot shot” Image Consultant among her friend circle, and her children introduce her to their friends as “Boss-lady”. That’s a moment for her which no pay cheque can compete with!

Over a period of the last 8 years, she has trained more than 3500 students and over 300 teachers from prominent schools and universities in Mumbai on soft skills like Grooming and Dining Etiquette. In the corporate world, she has also trained over 4000 professionals in grooming, personality development and customer service excellence at various seniority levels at companies around the country, like Foodhall, Future Group, Reliance, Raymonds and the Aditya Birla Group to name a few.

She strongly believes that having the right attitude, always giving your 100%, and remaining focused on becoming the best version of herself is what one should always strive for!
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