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Grace Agarwal

Grace AgarwalHave you heard of Demosthenes? Well, the greatest orator of ancient Greece used to once stammer and stutter while speaking, going acutely breathless in the process. With sheer belief, hard work and perseverance, he overcame the shortcomings of his speech and went on to become perhaps the most influential speakers of ancient Greece.

That’s a tale of a disappeared world.

There have been countless instances when people have fought with their shortcomings and impediments and made them, in fact, their stepping-stone to success, becoming exactly that which was least expected of them. You may call it a tryst with destiny.

One such human being is me – Grace Agarwal.

ICBI Offers an Opportunity to Earn a Living Doing What You Love

Become a Certified Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer

There are two types of people in the world, the first are born beautiful and elegant, and others have to work towards it. At an impressionable age of teen years, most of us grow up with lessons on grooming and looking good. However, I was abnormally obese and obesity not only gave me health issues but also affected my self-confidence and self-esteem. It was a difficult journey though along with experiences that made me passionate towards the subject of fitness, health, and beauty and led me to be what I am today, an Image Consultant, an Internationally Certified Nutritionist and a Fitness Expert along with being a seasoned Physiotherapist.

A passion that worked like a miracle for me had to be rubbed off on to others. Very few people have the opportunity to make their passion their career and when I received this opportunity I took it up willingly. Happy circumstances led me to the institute of Image Consulting Business Institute, India. I trained under the curriculum of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA.

As they rightly say, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat forever.” The situation was the same. I wanted to bring about a change in the world and I had my weapon of choice, Image Consulting Business Institute gave me just that. Moreover finding your inner calling can bring a renewed energy to your life, and I had found mine. So I launched my Image Consultancy by the name of Grace n Image. Grace n Image is a holistic one-stop happiness boutique, which is meant to cater to enquiries related to image, fitness, and nutrition. It offers the lessons of right conduct appropriate to the ambience one is in which helps in contributing to a favorable image. My Moto always remained the same. I wanted to inculcate the ability in people to be “comfortable in their own skin” which ultimately contributes to the wellness, self-esteem, and confidence of that individual.

I believe that every individual is unique. I opine that “Image” is something, which reflects the inside of a person and adapts it to the occasion externally in a seamless communion.

ICBI Offers an Opportunity to Earn a Living Doing What You Love

Become a Certified Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer