Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program of Applied Learning in Principles of Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training offered as a part of Business Programs is a 100% field work oriented program that nurtures and harnesses entrepreneurial energy and equips tomorrow’s budding self employed professionals with real world skills, orchestrated through a structured frame-work of implementation and mentoring support. Day 1 in the Fellowship Program simulates like Day 1 at work. This is a mentored program and a set of students will have a mentor who will guide the participants throughout. The Fellowship Program requires a participant to conduct two activities in the market each month and present the results during Cafe Day sessions conducted by the mentor every sixty days. Participants will also be scored during the Cafe Days.

Some Specific Objectives of Fellowship Program are:

Build entrepreneurial momentum: Momentum is a great exaggerator and the only factor that will separate mediocrity in entrepreneurial success from excellence. The momentum you generate during the fellowship program will be mined in times to come.

Hone your learning; Convert knowledge into skill: The fellowship program helps you in doing a trial run of all principles learned in the classroom with the clients and prospects understanding that you are still in a student mode, as you navigate across the length and breadth of possibilities.

Build Implementation Skills: ICBI equips you with the complete knowhow and work instructions for every market intervention with a singular objective, ‘Go Nail It’! Focus your efforts only on creating a superlative customer experience and the rest will follow.

Develop Micro-Marketing Capability: Learn to identify and research your target market; discover the size and the most effective way to market to this group. Develop your overall marketing strategy for business success. Determine the best methods of promoting your business; measure the success of your promotional efforts; develop a promotional message that works for your business.

Receive ongoing Coaching: Explore real-world possibilities, Get answers to your tough questions from our experienced facilitators and instructors, analyze a problem/situation; think critically and identify and define the requirements appropriate to its solution.

Effective Business Communication: Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing and email to a variety of clients and markets by constructing an effective proposal and marketing/sales pitch.

Develop a Network: Your fellowship program will help you develop business contacts who can connect you ahead with their contacts, act as references or seek your services for their own requirement.

Building Persistence with Rejection Management capability: Entrepreneurs flourish when they learn to operate outside their comfort zone. The fellowship program will structure this zoning out for you, while equipping you with emotional resilience to manage persuasion and rejection equally well.

Peer Learning: The cafe days at ICBI will bring budding entrepreneurs together where experience sharing and peer and experiential learning will become the corner-stone for personal growth and entrepreneur skills development. Living out of other’s experiences will help you fail-safe your efforts and maximize results.

Build Your Brand: Express effectively on Social media, Develop an elevator pitch and also employ the art of small talk effectively to impact favourably at every available opportunity. Develop an effective PR and Social media strategy for self (own organization)

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