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What is Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training?

To fully understand Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training let us first understand what is Image Management and how it impacts your success in all walks of life. Success is all about getting more opportunities in life and performing better when these opportunities present themselves. Getting more opportunities is a factor of creating powerful first impressions by managing your appearance- clothing, grooming, body language and etiquette. Performing once an opportunity comes your way is a factor of soft skills which are primarily related to your behavior and communication.

Image Management is the complete framework of above in terms of Appearance, Behavior and Communication.

Image Consulting is the profession of guiding and training individuals to manage their appearance more effectively to create powerful first impressions in each situation.

Soft Skills Training is the profession of training individuals on soft skills related largely with behavior and communications. Soft skills include attitude, communication, creative thinking, work ethic, teamwork, leadership, networking, decision making, positivity, time management, motivation, flexibility, problem-solving, critical thinking, conflict resolution and more.

What courses does ICBI offer and what is the duration and fee for the same?

ICBI offers courses in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training to become a certified Image Consultant and/or Soft Skills Trainer. One can either choose to do a course in Image Consulting or Soft Skills Training or one can choose to do the combination course including both. ICBI is the leading brand in the world in this space and has international curriculum and certification alliances with some of the most credible institutions in the world.

Both the Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training courses are of duration 6 months each with classes once a week for full day. The combined course is of duration 1 year with classes once a week for full day. Courses can be fast tracked if need be by attending more than one class in a week. The fee for the program ranges from INR 1,50,000 to INR 3,75,000 + GST depending upon the program opted for.

Are these courses offered online also?

ICBI has centers in 14 cities in India and these courses are offered in classroom training mode in these centers. In addition, all courses are also offered through online live training sessions and ICBI has students from all over the world.

What services do Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers offer and what is the market potential for the same?

Just like in the health care industry wherein sooner or later everyone needs medical attention, everyone needs Image Management and Soft Skills training for personal and professional growth.

  • Market Potential of thousands of crores
  • Poised to grow at exponential rate

The services being offered by Image Consultants/Soft Skills Trainers can be classified in the following broad categories.

  • A comprehensive one on one consulting package on appearance, behavior, communication and digital foot print
  • A brief one on one consulting package covering all or some of the elements from point above
  • Group training services on Image Management and Soft Skills topics to companies, associations, government organizations, NGOs, retail outlets for their employees, customers and members
  • Specialized training services especially in premium fashion and accessories retail on guiding buyers based on psychographic, demographic and personal characteristics of body shape, face shape and personal coloring
  • Workshops on various Image Management and Soft Skills topics for individuals
  • Campus to corporate interventions with colleges and vocational institutions
  • Future readiness interventions for school children
  • Teachers training for schools, colleges and institutions
  • Styling services to media and entertainment industries
  • Specialized interventions for marriageable age girls and boys, students and professionals going abroad, pregnant women and many more specific segments
  • Occasion based interventions like styling and personal shopping for marriages and other special occasions
  • Training interventions with blue collar and grass root level employees like drivers, maids, service technicians and more
Who can become an Image Consultant and/or Soft Skills Trainer?

Anyone with a strong desire and passion to help people change their lives has great potential in this profession. Since the need for such services is diverse across varied segments, every Image Consultant and/or Soft Skills Trainer has a market that they can cater to.

ICBI has students from 17to 74 years of age, with no work experience to over 40 years of experience and from 12th pass to PHDs.

Depending upon your experience, age and academic qualification, you will need to target specific market segments which are most suitable to you and ICBI will provide guidance for the same.

Which course should one do? Become an Image Consultant or a Soft Skills trainer or both?

It depends on your area of interest, passion and affordability. Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training are both needed by almost every client and hence a combined program has maximum potential however each individual course is complete in itself. It is also possible to start with either Image Consulting or Soft Skills Training program and then upgrade to the other at a later date.

What would be the options in front of me after doing any of the programs offered by ICBI?

After completing any of the programs offered by ICBI one can start an independent practice as a certified Image Consultant and/or Soft Skills Trainer, use the skills in an existing job or business or look for new employment opportunities.

If I want to start an independent practice after the course, do I get any support from ICBI?

ICBI offers business enablement support to people desiring to start an independent practice to successfully set up and operate their consulting and training practice. This includes business training, lead generation and management support, readymade consulting and training material and continuous handholding. In addition, this also makes the candidate eligible to become a trainer for ICBI and get work outsourced by ICBI, subject to performance feedback and competency assessment clearance.

How much can I earn in an independent practice as an Image Consultant and/or Soft Skills Trainer?

Earning potential for everyone is dependent on time invested, adhering to all business training inputs, self-promotion as per guidance provided and seriousness to get established in this profession. ICBI certified trainers and consultants charge anywhere from INR 1,000 to INR 10,000 per hour for personal consultation and INR 10,000 to INR 1,00,000 per day for group training at companies and institutions.