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“Being an Image Consultant gives me the freedom to choose: my work, time, clients, and I get to spend quality time with my adorable kids! What more does a woman need?”

Nandini’s Transition From a Principal and an Educationist to ICBI
Nandini Khanna is an accomplished professional and entrepreneur with over a decade of diverse experience as an educator, curriculum developer, pre-school set up and now an Image and core skill trainer, stylist, etiquette coach. Her expertise lies in working with children, coaching, and training. Owing to her wide exposure to various role and motivation, she has delivered on various outcome with integrity, creativity, positive outlook all with smiles. Over the years, she has been associated with education, parenting workshops and child development trainings. A trained Montessorian, training and coaching transverse a host of topics from life skills for children and adults, personal appearance, etiquette and skill development. Striding to help elevate individuals and organizations become smarter, sharper and better versions of themselves.

The programs help individuals transfer knowledge gained into ready to use skills making them feel confident and good leaders. As an Image and Soft-skills Coach, her work involves working with people to develop and enhance their areas of Self-Confidence, Appearance and Communication. This gives her the freedom to be her own boss and contribute to the society in the best possible way. She believes in the motto- Discover Believe Achieve.


“Arise awake and stop not till your goal is achieved “

The Transition From Academic Teaching and Training to ICBI – How Krittika’s Run-of-the-mill Career Metamorphosed into Her Dream Career

Krittika’s career as an academician for over a decade was an obvious choice being an MBA, M.A (English Lit.) and a Ph.D. She was an Assistant Professor in a college training on HR topics and personality and communication skills. However, teaching as per a prescribed syllabus with little to no scope of creativity she felt stifled. Krittika’s passion and dream of transforming lives found wings when she joined ICBI.

Joining ICBI and becoming an Image Consultant and soft skills trainer expanded her horizons and provided her with the opportunity of transforming myself and act as a catalyst for those who wanted to transform themselves. She earned a name for herself, attained financial independence, liberty of choosing her work hours and her clients so that she can spend time with her loved ones. She got what she dreamt of……. with ICBI

In her own words, “Joining ICBI was cathartic. I found a vision for my life”. Under the guidance of the exceptional mentors who left no stone unturned in providing the Avant Garde trainings, Krittika blossomed into a bright trainer herself. Even while her trainings were going on, she got opportunities from across the country. During the lockdown period while everything looked bleak, Krittika was immersed in actively conducting soft-skills trainings herself. She won many accolades and awards for the same.

She is living her dream career as a training consultant for numerous organisations. She is creating training modules as per training need analysis of the clients and conducting creative sessions with stupendous feedback.

Krittika today is the boss of her own life, following her passion of bringing out the brilliance in people and also actively involved with social work as her way of giving back to the society. She treads steadfastly as the “Transformational Catalyst” fulfilling her dreams and assisting others to fulfil theirs.


“Thoughts may confine you, imagination will set you free!” Sandhya believes in a life of adventure, imagination and progress.

Her Transition From an Education Advisor to a Trainer and Then to an Image Consultant Gives Her the Confidence to Coach and Motivate People From all Walks of Life

She worked as a manager in an overseas education company for 8 years. She found the job monotonous and kept looking for her calling. She started training in soft skills but wanted a more challenging work and to do something different! That’s when she found the Image Consulting Program at ICBI. The learning and flexibility that the program offered attracted her and soon she realized that this is the field she wants a future in. It has been 10 years since and there is no looking back!

She trains on the power of image and has an excellent example in how she was hired as an Image Consultant, while she was still studying and how she earned back her tuition in less than 6 months of enrolling for the program. As an LLB. With PGD in Business and HR, her academic strength is perfectly complemented by the knowledge of Image Management and gives her a unique skill set. Sandhya is an Image coach, corporate trainer, and now an entrepreneur and she brings all these personalities into training and image management. One to believe in personal growth, she is also an NLP Master practitioner and a facilitator.

Over the years she has worked with politicians, actors, CEO’s and high ranked professionals and made a difference to their confidence and communication. She also trains employees of MNC’s and SME’s across India in Executive Presence creating a rippling effect in customer interaction and personal relationships. Being a visiting faculty with several educational institutes helps her give essential tools of time and personal management to young minds.

Being and Image Consultant gives her the ability to choose her work, clients and timings, while enjoying a healthy lifestyle and pursuing her own passions.


“Helping people transform into their best self, is the best Return on Investment as a Trainer. It is beyond financial independence.”

How ICBI Became the Nitrous Oxide to the Struggling Trainer Sahiba Singh Dhupar’s Career, Giving it the Necessary Growth, Exponentially

Sahiba is an MBA HR and was not happy in her first job as an HR management trainee. She also felt that she needs to do something that helps her channelize her innate traits in the right direction. It was excellence she was after but lacked guidance.

As a child and adolescent, Sahiba was always the life of the party and a natural on stage. It was often claimed that she was a born public speaker. But beyond her Group discussions and PIs, her euphoric moment did not hit her until she turned 24 that training is meant for her. Even when she did, she pursued a plethora of training certifications to ensure she equips herself in becoming an effective Communication Skills and Life Skills trainer. While young, she still persisted to achieve her goal to become a trainer par excellence. But her career as a trainer was not giving her the sense of thrive that she needed and deserved. Sahiba sought more market growth and an elevation to her personal brand. Her career was moving at a pace which was not enough for her to accomplish her dreams.

One day, she came across ICBI in the newspaper and she decided to take the plunge and venture into something she never knew was her forte, Image Consulting along with Soft Skills Training. She had been self-employed for over 2.5 years when she joined ICBI, and 3.5 years after she graduated from there. From being a visiting faculty in renowned colleges to undertaking corporate training assignments, she also dealt with both domestic and international one-on-one clients for their Personality Transformation. Her training mantra has always been, “Inside Out” which has been a huge hit in addressing her trainees’ journey from a holistic level. It was thanks to ICBI that she witnessed a boom in her career graph.

10 months ago, ICBI was approached by an upcoming EdTech firm to help them hire, ‘Head: Training and Development’ and a huge fraction of suitable alumnus was given the opportunity to apply. After several rounds and interviews of over 50 trainers, Sahiba received the offer with an annual package of INR 22 Lac+ and decided to join them.
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