Dining Etiquette Workshop

Dining is where all the social graces come together. Meticulous dining skills communicate to others
an unspoken level of sophistication—awareness, experience, refinement, and respect.

After attending this 1-day Practical Dining Etiquette Workshop you will:

  • Recognise the importance of proper dining etiquette
  • Understand the elements and aspects of proper dining
  • Learn table manners & how to dine with panache
  • Understand what not to do on the dining table
  • Acquire the skill-sets of eating right using chopsticks
  • Learn importance and reasons of cutlery placement in a dining etiquette setting
  • Learn the art of wine pairing- what goes with what
  • Get a LIVE practical dining experience with a 5-course meal
  • Learn how to pay attention to details for a delightful dining experience