Devanshi Gandhi

Devanshi GandhiAfter having read an ad in the newspaper and gone for the introduction talk conducted by the Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), I decided there and then to take this up as a full-time career. I felt it was tailor-made for me. ICBI has supported me in every way possible, right from training me in different aspects of Image Consulting to setting up my business and now by giving me work in terms of clients and training.  It`s been more than 2 years since I started, and each day its only gotten better.

During this period, I have become a Trainer, an International Facilitator, a Life Coach, Vice President-Education (national level) at the Image Management Professionals’ Association (IMPA), and also a successful entrepreneur; running my company under the banner DreamWeavers – Image Management Studio.

As Proprietor of DreamWeavers; I have consulted and coached a diverse group of people ranging from teenagers, homemakers, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs.

‎”The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.”

– Wallace Wattles

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Suman Agarwal, Director, ICBI and the senior most Image Consultant in Indian Sub-continent talking about Image Consulting as a career