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Upper crest women have an edge in image consulting profession

Although anyone with a strong desire and commitment to help change people’s lives can become an image consultant with the right education, training, and mentoring, Upper crest women have an edge in moving towards fulfilling their personal, professional, and financial goals in the career of image consulting. The reasons for the same are as follows:-

It is always said that exposure is very important and at times even more so as compared to education and training. Since many of the elements of image management are intuitive and requires a well developed aesthetic sense, anyone who has these qualities is a good candidate for making a successful career in this field. One learns in life through various sources and some of them do not always come through formal education. The following are the elements which help them learn a lot over a period of years.

Company of successful people 

People who spend a lot of time in the company of other successful people in business or profession, get rubbed on with various positive traits. In fact it is often prescribed as a treatment for improving one’s personality.

Frequent travel

Travel is one of the best teachers of all time. People who travel frequently gain a good understanding of people and dealing with many variables. It also provides for good presence of mind and opportunity to meet people.

Aesthetic sense

Usually people belonging to an upper crest society develop a good aesthetic sense and this is a primarily a result of reading a lot, meeting various people and a general overall positive orientation. Many people coming from a good business family background have usually travelled abroad several times and many of them have even studied abroad.

These traits make them capable of doing exceedingly well in the field of image consulting. Equipped with the right education, training, and teaching skills, they can do wonders in the field.

Suman Agarwal

Suman Agarwal

The author, Suman Agarwal, is the senior-most Image Consultant in the Indian Sub-continent and director of Image Consulting Business Institute. Image Consulting Business Institute is a pioneer in India and one of the biggest brands in the world in Image Management and Soft Skills Training Space. It offers programs for people to become Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers and at the same time offers Image Management and Soft Skills Training services to individuals and companies.
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