Benaisha Kharas

Benaisha KharasBeing an Image Consultant at the age of 22 feels exhilarating! 
From being shy and timid as a child to a confident entrepreneur was truly a satisfying dream come true. Changing lives of others is a skill that not many people can use to sustain a living. Living and existing are two very different things. Being an image consultant puts that life into my work. This profession makes you want to be a better person with each one you help.  Only if you are a better person can you be a better consultant, as here we are dealing with people – the most difficult and non-standardized living beings. You are what you eat, but if you don’t eat at all, does it mean you’re nothing? No. It just means you lose weight. Your image is the same, if you don’t feed your own ego, you’re nothing. And that is what I enjoy doing – boosting the ego of others, leaving a mark. Making an impression, which in turn boosts my own image. And you make an impression when you have created a brand of yourself and the best way to create this brand is with your image!

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