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Attractive Dressing as per Body Shape

Dressing as per Body Shape

Today’s women and men have more roles to fill than at any previous time in history. Each role is associated with different clothes most appropriate for the role – clothes that communicate values, attitudes, personality, moods, intentions, goals and actions of the person in that role. Many people live with an inferiority complex or low self-esteem most of their lives because they do not know the ‘what and how’ of dressing attractively.

Learning one’s own body shape and giving some thought and effort to dressing in a variety of ways for a variety of moods and occasions would make a person more creative, confident and competent. Higher self-esteem and confidence results in positive interactions and increase in productivity levels. One is more likely to become self-actualised to accomplish their goals.

Understanding the concept of body shape and the art of dressing as per the body shape would result in attractive appearance. Attractive appearance means – ‘looking at you is a pleasant experience; nothing about your appearance is disturbing’. With a harmonious and coordinated look, one appears in control, confident and competent to handle the situation.


  • Employees would gain insights into understanding their body shape and enhancing / countering techniques to project an attractive Image
  • The confidence levels of the employees would increase, resulting in better efficiency and competency


  • Importance of Image Management
  • Image Cycle
  • Types of garment shapes
  • Types of body shapes
  • Body Shape Evaluation
  • Repeating & countering techniques
  • Attractive dressing