Aruna Das

Aruna DasHaving finished my Masters in Computers and Management (MCM), when I joined Deloitte Consulting, I was all excited about my career taking off. The journey lasted 6 years before I had to leave Accenture, take a break and focus on my little one – Aditya. Five years later, when I decided to get back to active work, I was exploring multiple opportunities, until, ICBI came my way. Being an entrepreneur was like a dream come true.

During my very first presentation, hearing about Image Consulting, my instincts told me this is what I was meant to be. Meeting diverse personalities, working with corporates across various sectors, it’s been a truly enriching experience.  The fact that every client need is unique and presents an opportunity to positively impact someone else’s life is what keeps me motivated. Among the many firsts and milestones, being featured on Zoom TV and my role as the President of Image Manage Professional Association (IMPA), TN Chapter, are the ones I have relished the most. In this era of change and transformation, the relevance and importance of Image Consulting as a Catalyst, cannot be overemphasized.

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