Workshop on Art of Everyday Makeup

Makeup is self-confidence applied directly to the face”. Whether at your place of study or workplace or ceremonies and parties, makeup increases your glam quotient, boosts your confidence and makes you stand out. Women love makeup because it is fun to experiment, enhances their beauty and gives great results. It is an essential art for a woman, in the present day. This one-day workshop equips you with knowledge and techniques of the Art of Makeup, for personal and professional life and covers the following topics.

  • Identification of different skin types and care regime.
  • LIVE demonstration of Natural and Glamour look.
  • Colour characteristics of skin and different types of make up as per skin tones.
  • Face shapes and contouring / highlighting techniques to acquire an attractive outcome.
  • Ways to define your eyebrows to lift your look.
  • Choosing cosmetics to enhance the look for day and evening make-up.
  • Best make-up brands in the market for personal and professional use.
  • Image Makers and Breakers in Makeup