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“It’s impossible”- said Pride,”It’s risky”-said Experience,”It’s pointless”- said Reason,”It’s the wrong time”-said Logic,“You can do it….”- whispered the Heart,
I often meet people who want to do something in their lives, something that they are passionate about, something that will change many people’s lives, something that will give them their new identity!.However, most fall victim to their comfort zones and purpose-free existence living others’ agendas, pulling back every-time they wish to change their current reality, by the fear of the unknown and the guilt of daring to pursue their own desires! A tussle where they easily allow themselves to get convinced by small minds that their dreams are too big! IThis is the story of more than 99% people in this world.Those few who become successful are the product of their choices and subsequent actions. They forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe in only one reason – why it will! They are not afraid of being different but afraid of being like everyone else! They know that the first step to being EXTRAORDINARY is to STOP being ORDINARY!Here are some examples of people who have given wings to their dreams. They have not just accomplished their personal goals but have also become role models and inspiration to many! Read their life narrative and get inspired to change yours!
Benaisha Kharas

Beniasha Kharas

A young girl suffering from dyslexia and thus having poor self-esteem and low confidence was always looking for miracles to happen when one day she realized that miracles are within you. She decided to not only come out of her own shell but decided to help others as well.


She always had dreams of becoming a celebrity of sorts but being born in a conservative family in Jaipur could not pursue them until she came across a profession in which she saw her dreams coming true and at the same time being able to help others look, feel and perform better.

Anu Malla

A homemaker was tired of answering or rather not answering questions of people in any gathering about what she did decided to take up a career that would not only change her but make her a catalyst in changing others in each walk of their lives.

Bhumika Swarnkar

A successful chemical engineer but not having satisfaction of doing something much more meaningful changed her tracks completely and has never looked back.

Deepti Dange

An obese girl who tried to hide herself in a tom boy persona all her life saw a makeover show and decided to do this as a career and is today extremely successful as an Image Consultant and a Soft Skills Trainer.

Nitisha Jain

After being in one of the toughest profession of being a homemaker, Nitisha always wanted to do something more and came across the profession of Image Consulting and decided to take the plunge. She took over 5 years to take the decision but made the most of it and has already started assignments as a certified Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer.

About the Author

The author, Suman Agarwal, is the senior most Image Consultant in the Indian Sub-continent and director of Image Consulting Business Institute. Image Consulting Business Institute is pioneer in India and one of the biggest brands in the world in Image Management and Soft Skills Training Space. It offers programs for people to become Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers and at the same time offers Image Management and Soft Skills Training services to individuals and companies.

To become an Image Consultant visit https://www.imageconsultinginstitute.com/become-an-image-consultant/To hire an Image Consultant for personal consultation visit https://www.imageconsultinginstitute.com/individual-solutions/To hire an Image Consultant for corporate services visit https://www.imageconsultinginstitute.com/corporate-solutions/Suman herself undertakes select personal consultation and corporate training assignments.Write to suman@imageconsultinginstitute.com for any such assignments.

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