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Trained the Dabang Delhi (YES BANK) franchise in the psychological, coaching & mentoring aspect and created a facilitation model for team coaches & support staff to find effective communication systems with team players for the hugely popular Pro kabaddi league tournament to be televised on Star sports channel.


My assessment & situational understanding

Kabaddi is primarily a rural sport and players have never been exposed to the big time franchise world of modern sport. Their belief is in their individual strengths and believe that skill alone can make or break.


The Crux Broadly Speaking:

  • Players come from different places; cultural differences and subtle ego clashes are already brewing. Teamwork and the importance of how ONE super-star cannot win a tournament alone, ‘Pegging their fortunes together’, was discussed at length. Creating a social, psychological & emotional situation where they now want to play to each other’s strengths, implement strategies & ensure the Team wins and not pursue their personal agendas.
  • Other issues like being in the moment, being process driven not jump the gun to results, communicating with each other, bonding sessions and even one movie and dinner outing was provided for so layers feel completely at home during the camp.

Image Management & its role in terms of creating perception given the context of this arena was discussed. Kabaddi is all about Body Language and opponents traditionally gauge confidence levels through body language typical to Kabaddi players. How to maintain that body language in difficult situations was brought to sharp awareness.


The Model implemented:   

The practice camp at Delhi was set in two, 20-day phases. 20 days on, 15 days off and then the last 20 days intense training before the tournament commenced.

Phase 1: I did a 3 day overall session which consisted of a 4 hour group session to set the tone. The group session had some take-away which individual players were to do on a daily basis through the camp. Post group session, I spent exhaustive one-on-one time with individual players, whose backgrounds, weaknesses, strengths & many other important information I had discussed in great detail with team management.

Phase 2: Just before the commencement of tournament, a high-energy motivation & practical thinking, stress management & the final team bonding emotional connect re-enforced.

Final Outcome

The team did far better than last year, team bonding was evident, body language changes were evident but a lot of work is yet to be done on fine tuning & one big area of concern was that implementation of training was sporadic & lacked consistency. The encouraging aspect was their enthusiasm to learn, grow and ability to hugely implement and the biggest understanding that THEY CANNOT WIN ALONE, a feeling they were harboring from last year was largely eliminated.

Media interview:

My contribution and impact on the team were mentioned in an interview given by Ms. Radha Kapoor, Franchise owner, Dabang Delhi to sportskeeda.com. Link as below: