Purti Singh - Certified Image Consultant from ICBIThe beauty of doing a course from Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) is that it gives you wings. And once you’ve got those wings you can do anything. You can choose your own direction and what heights you want to achieve. Every consultant comes with a different background and it always helps his/her business as an image consultant once they get certified.

I worked in the niche field of high voltage power transformers as a mechanical designer for six years in two multinational companies. The creative and entrepreneurial attitude always showed in my work. The moment I saw ICBI’s website, I knew I had found the right place and there was no looking back.

The kind of support and encouragement I have experienced at ICBI was a welcome change from the cut-throat corporate world. Even before I finished the course, I got the opportunity to conduct several corporate trainings, train the staff at a well-known jewellery showroom and be the judge for a kid’s fashion show organised by Honda.

Today, I have my own company “Purti Image Consultancy” based at Chennai. I have clients ranging from  homemakers , entrepreneurs to corporates. I also recently conducted training sessions at one of India’s premier business school’s – The Indian School of Business Hyderabad.

Life as an Image Consultant every day is challenging and exciting. ICBI is doing wonderful work in the field of Image Management and I am proud to be part of this revolution.