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ICBI offers courses in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training and students of these programs are available for jobs on full time/part time basis in premium fashion, luxury retail, media & entertainment, hospitality and aviation, training and development and other similar industries as Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists, Style Consultants, Grooming Officers, Soft Skills Trainers.

Companies and Institutions interested in recruiting from this talent pool may fill the form on the right and our representative will touch base to get more details and arrange for recruitment process.

There is no fee for recruiting from the talent pool created by ICBI.

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ICBI students passed out from Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training courses have gone through the finest curriculum in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training and have the following skill sets.

  • Providing fashion and style consulting to customers on suitable clothes and accessories based on body shape, personal colouring and face shape
  • Advising customer on personal style in order to have physical and behavioural characteristics, roles, goals and occasions in sync with clothing preferences
  • Advising customers on makeup products and providing makeup solutions
  • Advising employees on appropriate appearance, behaviour and communication as per roles, goals and occasions
  • Styling for events, photo shoots, films and television
  • Training groups of people on appearance management as well as communication and behaviour
  • Training groups of people on various soft skills
  • Training students to make them job ready and confident individuals
  • Advising and designing uniforms for companies and institution keeping the brand image in mind
  • Conducting Image Audits to set appropriate benchmarks in highest standards of quality and reflecting role specific training needs
  • Training and development of internal customers to project the right image and look the part
  • Complete Etiquette coaching (Social, corporate, dining, cross-cultural, general)
  • Look designing and strategic Image change

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