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Job Ready Program Details

Job Ready is a comprehensive program on how to project a powerful image and get the best jobs, a higher position and remuneration.

Research shows that almost 90% of the decisions regarding an interviewee are made within the first few seconds of the meeting. Job seekers require professional help to make effective first impressions within this very short period of time.

Fresh Candidates
If you are a candidate fresh out of college, you are in a situation where you face job interviews along with potentially hundreds of candidates. This is true of campus interviews as well as interviews off-campus. Interviewers would be assessing all these candidates within a very short period of time. First impressions that last from 3 to 5 seconds determine your success.

Question is, how do you stand out in this crowd and make an effective First Impression. Your technical knowledge is just a small component of your success at the interview. A good part of your success depends on how you project yourself. So long as you don’t get past this first hurdle, interviewers would see you as unemployable.

Experienced Candidates
If you are an executive with experience, First Impressions determine not only your ability to get the job you want, but also your ability to negotiate a higher position and pay packet. While experience counts, it is also how you project your experience through your clothing, body language, etiquette and the way you respond to what the interviewer is really asking that determine your success. Lack of these skills and an inability to project an authentic and appropriate image hurt your prospects.

Job Ready Program
Job Ready is a comprehensive and complete program designed by First Impression Consulting. The program helps job seekers project an authentic and powerful impression during the interview process, and win over managers of today.

Judith Rasband from USA, one of the world’s top Image Masters with over 40 years of international image consulting experience is curriculum partner of the company.

Duration 48 hours of guided learning (32 hours of class room teaching)*
Investment Introductory offer of Rs. 6,100/- Plus Service Tax
Delivery Plan Weekdays, weekends and fast track batches

See a presentation below to know more about the program

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