Free Tips on Various Elements of Managing Your Image

The ABCD of Image Management includes Appearance (clothing, grooming, body language and etiquette), Behaviour, Communication and Digital Footprint. ICBI is the world leader in Image Management Space. It offers career as well as self enhancement programs in Image Management and Soft Skills. Following are some useful “Do It Yourself” tips on some key elements of Image Management:

Dressing as per Body Shape

Dressing as per body shape makes you look far more attractive. Looking attractive creates a bias in the minds of others and helps you get more opportunities in life. Download some useful tips.

Accessories as per Face Shape

Necklines, jewellery, hairstyles and other accessories should be worn as per your face shape to present a far more attractive appearance. Download some useful tips.

Using the Right Colours

The colours of clothes that would flatter you the most are a factor of your personal colours of hair, eyes and skin. You must always be in the colour harmony. Download some useful tips.


Personal Shopping Tips

Shopping is an expensive event if done impulsively. What you should and should not buy is a factor of your body shape and personal colours. Download some useful tips.

Behavioural Skills

Although there are many behavioural skills, one of the most important and which gets noticed first is Attitude. Your attitude determines your altitude in life. Download some useful tips.

Communication Skills

Communications Skills is a vast subject and is of equal importance after creating a powerful first impression through appearance and behaviour. Download some useful tips.

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Suman Agarwal, Director, ICBI and the senior most Image Consultant in Indian Sub-continent talking about importance of projecting a winning Image

Suman Agarwal talking about Image Consulting as a career